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 Lyrics to Doris Loh's song

Does anyone know the lyrics to Doris Loh's song 'Wer bin ich?' She is a Christian singer and although the song is available on YouTube German is not my natural language and I find some of the words difficult to catch.
Any German members out there who can help?

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 Re: Lyrics

Try emailing him. They have a website connected to her concert performances of older songs.


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 Re: Lyrics to Doris Loh's song

I did a google search for the lyrics to this song and found it. I am not sure it is all that edifying. The video definitely is not, in my opinion.

The site has the German with English words. Yes, I understand the spoken German some but the written words, not much. I would not waste my time looking at it.


Sandra Miller

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We just want to encourage saints to use the forums to search and talk about things related to the scriptures more then other songs and even secular music etc.

We are locking this thread.


EDIT: One user reported inappropriate content when searching the phrase here is the email as a possible correction but we will still keep the thread locked:

I googled the info "Wer bin ich" shared on that thread and came up with something totally different on the web then what the poster obviously was looking for. The video was "bad"; the lyrics had absolutely nothing to do with God.

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