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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : The True Grace of God - John Bevere

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 The True Grace of God - John Bevere

The True Grace of God - John Bevere


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 Re: The True Grace of God - John Bevere

Bevere’s direct quotes from his Relentless book below:

- "Do you realize"... "how much God needs you" and the "Father is depending on you?”

- "You are destined to be great in the signt of God. This is His promise!"

- "I am ready to perform my word (Jer 1:12). When will he perform it? When someone believes!"

- "GOD IS NOT IN CONTROL" because "he put us in charge of the earth" (Gen 1:27-28). "Who is in charge of the earth? We are! If God were in control of the earth as many of us believe, then"... "God would have intervened and slapped [the forbidden fruit] from Adam's hand" to prevent The Fall.

- "The earth is the Lord's. He is the owner but He has leased it to mankind."

- "You and I, NOT GOD, are in control of how life is run on this planet."

- "Who is Christ?" "When many think of Christ, they think of only Jesus Christ." "You need to see not just the One who died on the cross, but also yourself" as "we are one in Christ" or equal to Christ because "we are... parts of His body" with "Christ's dead and His body are one." Jesus is a Christ and so are humans

- "The Lord... has unlimited power." "Would you say the very same thing about yourself?" "The exact power Christ has, you have!"

- We ARE Christ!"

- "Since we are the ones who are to govern here on earth, if things go wrong"... it is "because we are relinquishing or not executing our authority."

 2015/3/8 13:24

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