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 Florida persecution

Lake Worth, FL persecution begins


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 Re: Florida persecution

"City officials were so concerned about one congregation that they dispatched a code enforcement officer cloaked in a hoodie to spy on a Southern Baptist church that was meeting in a coffee house."

Florida has the most house churches in the USA. This is signifigant and get ready for worse. You can read a free ebook on coming persecution here

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 Re: Florida persecution

Dolfan...keep in mind you just posted something in the opinion section of FoxNews. So, take it with a grain of salt.

I grew up in Florida. Lived there most of my life. Let me say two clear things.

1. Florida has a ridiculous amount of churches. 1st church of yadda yadda yadda. Get's annoying. 14 churches within 4 blocks on one street. 6 churches at one street corner. You'd think with all these building owned by the Church that we'd solve the homeless problem...haha. No.

2. Florida is filled (yes filled) with crazies.

Ate a man's face? Florida. Microwaved a baby? Florida.

I tried working with a lot of churches there, as a parachurch ministry, and let me say that the level of pride in many churches is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

This is first hand experience and I'm also not saying every church is bad but...on a large scale, they are.

Coming from a different end of things. I'd say, if the church, in Florida, gets some laws that inhibit their function, praise the Lord.

In response to the poor article from Fox, many of these churches are breaking the law. Yes. Breaking the law. As a non-profit 501c3, they are NOT allowed to preach about politics but...I can assure you, most are. But this about not filing a permit/license. Seriously?

They were accused of operating a church in a business rental property without a Lake Worth business license.

Get the $50-100 license. The church needs to stop playing this wounded baby card. Grow up. Pay the tiny tax.

Let's be of sober mind guys. This isn't persecution. This isn't even close to it. Also, Florida is dense with churches only getting more dense (more open up all the time).

Florida's churches need our prayers. They need to humble themselves and serve the public. They aren't. I pray they will see the Light and pull themselves out of the darkness.

 2015/3/6 1:11

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