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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Has anyone dealt with a psychopath spiritually?

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I would agree with this. Your wife needs your attention at this time and then the child will take up all of it later. God can use other people in the meantime if your brother is to be delivered. Counselling often makes these people worse.

 2015/3/8 14:26

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thankyou for the posts, my attention has been on my beautiful wife and our baby girl. these other things came into my life and i am just dealing with what is brought to me wether it be keeping my own self safe or helping others.

I am spiritually in a peacefull condition where as if this was to happen in the past it would be destroying me. Yes our father can use other people in this situation and if that be his will then so be it but at the moment they have been brought into my path and i need to discern what the father wants to do.

i supose the reason i first posted was to build my faith up when dealing with the situations by the experiences of those that have had victory in this area. i did get alot of information from the different posts and i am clear on the awnser now as i have been able to reason through all of the different replies and other studies. thankyou to everyone as it has helped me search deeper into scripture.

love Karl

karl rashleigh

 2015/3/9 6:17Profile

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