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 true victory- forsake your life

“From the moment you go to prison you must put your cozy past firmly behind you. You must say to yourself: My life is over…I shall never return to freedom. I am condemned to die—now or a little later…I no longer have any property whatsoever. For me those I love have died, and for them I have died. From today on, my body is useless and alien to me. Only my spirit and my conscience remain precious and important to me.”

“Confronted by such a prisoner, the interrogator will tremble. Only the man who has renounced everything can win that victory.”

(Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1918— , in Soviet Prison, hard labor, beginning in 1945; later won the Nobel Prize for Literature)

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 Re: true victory- forsake your life

I am currently listening to Devern Fromke's sermon 'The Way of the Cross' which grounds this message in the work of the cross. Highly recommended sermon:

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Should it not be - true victory- exchanging your life.

Forsaking gives the impression that you can give up certain things and you'll be changed, the most grievous of sinners can forsake things in there life, but still remain Sinners

Can an Ethiopian change his skin, or a leopard his spots? Then you who are trained to do evil will also be able to do good. Jer 13:23

They is why we need the exchange at the cross.

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Colin Murray

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 Re: true victory- forsake your life

Thank you for posting these quotes from this
incredible man who stood up against the
Communist regime.

He also made the following quotes: speaking of
the reveloution : "Men have forgotten God; this is
why all this has happened."

In 1978 during a commencement address at
Harvard, he called the U.S. "Weak and mired in
vulger materialism.

He was a man that would give his life for what
he believed in. The disciple of Jesus is one that
looses his (soul) life that he might find the true
life that is in God.


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 Re: true victory- forsake your life

from the moment i read this quote i thought about the the disciples and the attitudes of their hearts. they lived unto Jesus as if they were already dead. then i realized that they had died to the things of this world. they were living for Christ and not for self. if i am truly living for Jesus, living in Him then nothing of this world has any hold over me. my life in Him is all that matters because He is all that matters. forsaking this life, dying to self, taking up my cross, all by His strength is true life! victory comes from living life in Him!


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