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 zeal for the glory of God

John Stott writing in his book called Our Guilty Silence says, "The best example he knows of one who was consumed with the glory of God came in the biography of Henry Martine who was a senior of Cambridge University, a fellow of St. John's College, turned his back on a very elite kind of academic career and entered the ministry. Two years later on July 16, 1805, he sailed for India with the statement, 'Now let me burn out for God.' And as he watched the people in an abandoned Hindu temple prostrating themselves before their images, he wrote, quote, 'This excited more horror in me than I can well express.' Later he moved from Calcutta to Sharaz and he busied himself with the translation of the New Testament into Persian. Many Moslem visitors came to see him and engage him in religious conversation. His customary serenity was only disturbed when anybody insulted his Lord. On one occasion, the sentiment was expressed that Prince Abba Simirza had killed so many Christians that Christ from the fourth heaven had to come down and take old of Mohammed's skirt and entreat him to desist. To Henry Martine, the very insult that Mohammed came down and told Jesus what to do was such a dramatic fantasy that he said, 'I was cut to the soul at this blasphemy. I could not endure existence if Jesus was not glorified, it would be hell to me if He were to be always thus dishonored. If anyone pluck out your eyes, there is no saying while you feel pain,' he said, 'it is feeling and it is because I am one with Christ that I am thus dreadfully wounded," end quote.

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