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 Am I being a hypocrite when...

Am I being a hypocrite when I speak of God?

I have been communicating with a young lady for the past month or so. She is having difficulties with personal issues that are extremely similar to my own experiences.

Something has given me the idea of being able to help, actually guide her in the right direction so she may conquer the trials and barriers she is facing. I feel if I shared with her my personal experiences, choices and decisions I made will encourage her to seek God and not to make the same errors and mistakes I have.

I speak of God, His word, mentioning Job and reminding her of what he went through and why. I mentioned to her that God is a jealous God, in everything we do, He is to be first. Sometimes when people forget to put God first (job, spouse, or worldly possessions like beenie baby collection etc.) ; God allows things to be taken away from us to put us in check. To turn to Him. To remember Him. Most of all to remember Him in good times. Not just when we need His help only to "bail" us out of trouble.

I know she has applied some of the advice I have shared with her. Which has had positive results.

To be able to share my experiences and help someone is wonderful especially when I talk about God and His word.

The advice and the things I share about God , I dont apply it to myself or my own current issues or problems.

Why dont I?
I have been convinced that there is nothing I can say or do for my sins ro be forgiven and for me to be redeemed, to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and enter the Kingdom.

Am I a hypocrite for helping another?
Should I continue to communicate with this individual?
Im confused.

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 Re: Am I being a hypocrite when...

No, you are not a hypocrite for helping this one. We are all a riddle to ourselves, heaps of inconsistency. But, we have an Advocate with the Father and here our hope revives. Though inconsistent in ourselves, we are complete in Christ! On this "Rock" we must build now and forever.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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 Re: 4gvn

The first thing I do when I read a post like this is to click on your profile. There's not much there. Age and gender, marital status, even where you live in general terms might help.

Did I understand you to say that you do not have any assurance of salvation? That would indicate a serious breakdown in your pursuit of God, many people that I have encountered in this condition have never really acknowledged God's rightful claim to their life, have never taken spiritual responsibility for their specific sins, have not repented and agreed with God's judgement, and not humbly received Christ's atoning sacrifice for their sin.

If any of this is true for you, your are preaching an empty gospel and risking the other person's eternal safety- because you will never be able to know if they are coming to false conclusions and a false salvation.

I strongly believe that a person becomes a real Christian when God tells them that they are a child of God, a deep and significant inner witness that Jesus is completely real and living within. My personal favorite messages about this are right here on Sermon Index, Paris Reidhead's sermons on the Witness of the Spirit. He gently lays out the scriptural foundations and gives illustrations from his own life and ministry that teach this very important dimension to Christian living.

All the things we get from God are the result of our asking for them! Assurance is one of these, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit comes this way, as well as healing, forgiveness, even joy and compassion for others. Some people accept Christ as Savior- then just wait for God to bring the fruits of the relationship. Bad mistake! "You have not because you ask not!" thunders James in his epistle.

I hope I have not misread your words, but my advice anyway would be that you spend time on your face asking for revelations from Him- in these matters and probably others.

And fill in that profile! There are some good brothers and sisters here!

Tom Cameron

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 Re: Am I being a hypocrite when...

Gods word should always be a two edged sword. Which means it should both cut through you who share and also the people to whom you share. I share frequently in Church and also in youth meetings. I get convicted so many times of my lack of application. But the thing that God looks for is our attitude to apply them when the word cuts us.
For example when I speak to young brothers about overcoming sexual lust, the word also cuts me and examines me to show the areas where I have to repent. I do not just ignore them, but I diligently seek the Lord when he shows the sin in me.
Please make sure you apply things in your life when God shows you the lack of application while sharing the word. Christian life is 100% practical and livable. Jesus has proved it.


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i apologize for having a profile that is not complete. i have several reasons for not providing the information; the main one being : i don't want to be judged, ignored, shunned and not be able to get advice when I have earnest questions about the Lord. I am tired of getting the doors slammed in my face when people know who I am.
I don't want to lie or fill in the blanks with false information in order to hide my identity. I have spoken too many lies and ruined my life and destroyed my marriage.

If I were to fill in the profile, I would fill it with lies to prevent my spouse more humility. Plus I am afraid noone will communicate with me if I put the truth.

Perhaps I shouldnt speak to the young lady anymore. I don't want to be the one who causes her to stumble. Who am I to tell her to go to God, pray etc. when I don't.

I thought if I were to share my life experiences, point out the errors I made , perhaps she (and maybe others) would see the truth and not make the same mistakes I made.

I am not surprised for being wrong.

Thank you everyone for replying.

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I would would like to know why you said.

"I have been convinced that there is nothing I can say or do for my sins ro be forgiven and for me to be redeemed, to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and enter the Kingdom."

You may reply to my email in my profile if you want.

 2015/2/13 8:20

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I see you must be a divorced male. And you are working to help this female.

I think you are walking on thin ice on top of a deep lake by trying to help her. I suggest you point her to a stable female Believer for advice/help. On the other hand, most folks now what they should do but are looking for a way out of doing the obvious.

My opinion..


Sandra Miller

 2015/2/17 16:55Profile

 Re: ginnyrose

Shame on you! Where is your mind?

I have no idea how you came up with that.

Why try to find dirt where there is none?

4gtn is a female.

 2015/2/18 6:26

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