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 Our death must be for Him

John, chapter six, tells us what He thinks about "seeking" Him for material or emotional or relational, or even "salvation" personal gain. He won't have it.

Our "death" must be for HIM, because we are "cut to the heart" for having crucified the innocent Lamb with our stubborn self-seeking rebellion, or it has no supernatural Potential.

read this teaching shared with me and this portion really cut to my heart. "Our death, my death" must be because I am cut to the heart for having crucified Him with my sinful selfish ways! wow! the more I read that, the more it sinks in, the more I realize I just have to fall to my really is all about the heart. God looks at the heart, all the right motives in the world don't mean a thing. If the heart is not committed, if Jesus is not "All" if any part of my life is still my own, this walk I have with Him is not what or where it should be.


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 Re: Amen!

Those are very good thoughts.

In our Bible study lately we have been discussing the issue of trying to do great things in the Spirit and live for Christ as a means to achieve personal fulfillment. We are still discussing the ramifications of it but we have come to the realization that seeking personal fulfillment through the Chrisitan life may be still living for our own selves. Our need for achievement in the Spirit and our desire to be recognized for it bring personal fulfillment. But that's like trying to smuggle contraband into the kingdom of God because it's still centered on us and our fulfillment. God won't have it sas you say because it's centered in the natural man. As you so well stated, our death needs be for Him entirely since His death was so entirely done on behalf of not Himself but for others.

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The obsession with sin, holiness all have its roots in self.

Zeke Oosthuis

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