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 Re: Recovery Programs

Hi Wayneman

i have been a drug and alcohol counsellor for over 20 years and have taught nearly every program.

the only and best recovery i have ever seen and witnessed is when the holy spirit changes a person, it is so quick and no one is needed apart from people who are able to help with spiritual growth and understanding.

in saying the above, people can become free from addictions in most programs if they believe and commit to the program.

My personal opinion is "Moral Reconation Therapy" the program by its self is based on christian principles and will lead to moral changes of character a kind of exploration of what we have done to what we can do. the program was set up for prisoners so it hides alot of Godly stuff through its language in order to be used in government programs. i met the writer of the program who is southern baptist in beliefs. it does depend on who is running the group and who is in the group. i personally have taken my friends and family through this program and it changed their lives completley. i studied this program for 5 years against all the other programs and it stands out way in front.

teen challenges aproach works as well but has its ups and downs when dealing with heavy anti-social people. but it does help young people back into the community with good role modeling.

karl rashleigh

 2015/2/4 9:16Profile

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Thanks, Carl. I almost missed your post! I will look into Moral Reconation Therapy.

Thanks again

Wayne Kraus

 2015/2/5 18:53Profile

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