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 Re: Are there things we are to "do" to receive the Lord?

We shouldn't be so much trying to figure it out, but just speak what the bible speaks.

"Repent" and "Believe", those two things a man must do to be saved. You see it in scripture many times, and if you are more calvinistic of more arminian doesn't matter.. those 2 'things to do' are the same. Just preach the word of God and let God do the rest.

Of course just must explain, because nobody knows anymore what these words mean. But don't say "God must do this" (because in scripture it is never said to an unbeliever). Just preach Christ, Him crusified, Him resurrected.. and that your saved by repenting (turning) and believing (trusting, crying out to Christ who only can save you).

Wijnand de Ridder

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Yes, the ministry of John is still valid. There is a reason why God sent John the Baptist before Jesus. It is the same order even today. Even our Lord preached the same, 'Repent the kingdom of God is near'.

There is no belief without repentance. First make a person acknowledge that he is a sinner. Without that acknowledgment there is no need for savior. Let us not get cleverer than what the Apostles did in Acts, they preached repentance and belief. Let us not separate what God has united.


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