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 The "Dones"

Just when the world doesn't need more trouble, this is apparently one of the major problems facing the organized church- the "Dones."

I expect many of us can identify with this phenomenon, to quote the Mamas and the Papas from my generation, "Busted, disgusted, agents can't be trusted..." These are the mature ones leaving churches with their passions, talents, experience, and money.

Why in the day of world turmoil, crumbling morals, power-crazed public officials, and economic instability are those who "get it" leaving the institutions of society whose call is to address all these things with the truth of the gospel?

Are we so overwhelmed by the endless tide of church criticism that when we come to a small measure of maturity we take our new understanding and flee to the hills?

At one point, (Acts 21) Paul is determined to go back to Jerusalem where he is persona non-grata among his Pharisee brethren. He is eager to continue to proclaim the gospel, still convinced that some of them will see and believe. But the prophet Agabus binds him up in a spiritual demonstration of what awaits him there. Paul does not dismiss the Word of the Lord here, but lays aside his personal comfort and sets his face to walk into the fire. It speaks volumes of how deeply the Spirit of Christ has taken him to holy possession. He will not leave the church, even knowing it will kill him.

Church criticism will continue, mature Christians will continue to be disgusted and leave, Christ will continue to give Himself for His beloved bride. Many will say that the Holy Spirit has lead them to leave and they may be right- not for me to judge.

But somehow I am even more fascinated by those whose love transcends all this, and remain as visible examples of the sacrifice of Christ. These will have unspoken ministry, beacons of light among human darkness, the secret treasures of faith within the dying institution of mammon-stained spirituality.

Tom Cameron

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