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 Apology To freecd

To All,

I wanted to publicly apologize to freecd for my misunderstanding of his position of the atonement. I had referred to certain of what I had believed he said as 'blasphemy' but after personal discussions via 'pm' I have come to a better understanding. As I mentioned to freecd, I am a tremendous fan of Finney as a revivalist, but do not believe he was a theologian. However, he was also open to change in his views as more light came into view on the subjects.

It was my belief that freecd was in favor of Finney's view of the atonement. I understand now that he believes that salvation is by grace through faith. Others have questioned why I would even allign myself with Finney due to his unorthodox view of the atonement, but as I stated earlier, he was a revivalist, not a theologian. I believe his works are very beneficial to us so long as we keep in mind that we do not have to agree with him on all points to learn somewhat that we need to learn.

Again, my sincere apologies to freecd.

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

 2005/4/26 10:24Profile

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