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 Would you please pray with us...??

Dearly beloved in Christ Jesus,
I would that you would stand with us in prayer. I have known for many years that I belong on the mission field. I have been on several occasions.
All I need is an open door. I'm desperate for the community, love, ministry and joy of the mission field.
I was in India in 2001. By American standards, most of India is pathetically impoverished. Yet among a people who possessed almost nothing at all, I found the richest faith and the joy of the Lord flooded my soul. I have never felt more alive that I did there.
I would ask you to seek the Lord with me for the revelation of His will and purpose for my wife and I. I would ask for mercy in that there is no worthiness among us, only willingness. Efforts of my own will never prosper. I just don't want to miss God. I want to do what I've been called, anointed, and trained to do. If you ever heard the song "Touch through Me" and it moved you deep inside, then you will understand a little of my heart.
The labor of prayer is for unsung heros of faith. Behind the scenes they move God to move mountains. I know some of the faith here in these quiet souls. I call upon you to be kind and mention us to the Master when you speak with Him. It was when the disciples were in "one accord" that the Holy Spirit fell upon them. Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.

 2005/4/25 14:50

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 Re: Would you please pray with us...??


I will be praying for you and your wife. May the Lord's will be revealed and done in your lives.

Blessings to you both!!!

In Christ, Chanin


 2005/4/25 18:22Profile

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Ex-England colony of Australia


Yes, and bless you both.

Jouko Hakola

 2005/4/25 20:32Profile

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 Re: Would you please pray with us...??

May the Lord give you a plain path as you walk in faith serving Him. I keep you folks in my prayers. God Bless Bro. Daryl


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 Re: Would you please pray with us...??

Dear Lahry,

A privelage and a pleasure to do so, you have given us all so much...

Mike Balog

 2005/4/26 0:01Profile

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 Re: Would you please pray with us...??

Dear Lahry,

I be honoured to put and keep you, and your wife in prayer. May the light of God will continually shine upon you and the ministry given to you guys...

 2005/4/26 0:37Profile

 Re: my cup runneth over with love....

...thank you all so much. I'll keep you posted as the days go by. Finances are a big issue to the point of miraculous in need. However, God is well able,and I trust that in His time, He will have all in place and I need not fret.
Oh the love of the brethren that is in my heart for all of you. Again, hugs and thanks so very much.

In Him,

Bro. Lahry

 2005/4/26 12:22

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