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 Re: Apology

I posted in the wrong heart. I'm sorry to you Sandra and all the people who have been reading this thread.

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I hold no grudges against you, Jeremy. I understand where you are coming from - I am well aware that the questions I am asking is something very people have ever thought about - I have asked others these same questions and I get the sense they wished I hadn't. Asking unusual questions evokes different reactions and I expect that - maybe because it also characterizes me.

We live and learn and I am grateful how people on this forum have stretched my mind, my understanding.

God bless you, Jeremy. Keep posting.

I have a deep yearning to take a plane and fly over the area of the Israelite's sojourn. Then take a four-wheel drive and explore the area. I know this will never happen and that is OK - it is not essential for my well-being. I'll stay content with my Bible, the Holman Bible Atlas and walking with the LORD. And ask more questions.

Sandra Miller

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