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I ponder the thought if there are many unspirit filled Christians are they then using social causes as a kind of substitute for their belief's? As in the Gospel becoming a social Gospel rather than the Gospel of Jesus resulting in a message of repentance of sin, becoming born again as well as being indwelt with Power from on High to overcome this world and to set the captives free?

We don't see repentance that much but we do see alot of social causes even going into politics and it causes me to wonder if that is another reason Christians are powerless and sin reigns in America.


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 Re: sidewalk

sidewalk wrote:
Wonder if any church bodies could learn something from a somewhat secular example. Ever wonder why students who graduated from one-room schoolhouses in the past became so well educated?

HA! That's it, sidewalk! That is precisely what took place in the church I was converted in, I just didn't say it like you did. Thank you for the visual!


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In one church I went to for some time years ago, at the end of every service the pastor gave an altar call. The same people would come forward, week after week, a lot of the time and mumble the 'sinner's prayer', then leave without being changed. This happens in a lot of the churches I have been in. Every time I see this I just want to grab the pastor, shake him and yell in his face "Saying a prayer won't do anything! Make them understand where they stand with God! Tell them about the Law! Quit rambling about 'accepting Jesus'! Quit wasting you time at Tim Hortons cracking stupid jokes and drinking coffee, get on your knees in your private time and beg God for an outpouring of the Spirit! Pray for hours if you have to!"
I think the problem is that the pastors are unsaved, and you can't lead someone to light if you are in darkness.

Nigel Holland

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One of my favorite Tozer quotes, paraphrased, went something like,

"Accept Christ? The real question is does He accept you??"

1 Cor 14:26 Paul says when you come together each one has a psalm, a hymn, a teaching, a revelation, a tongue... Something to share with the body. He does not tell them to sing 3 songs and listen to the pastor who has been properly educated to teach you the word of God.

Get it yourself, share it with the family! You will pay a lot closer to the scriptures you are reading if you know that in a day or two you will be sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

Tom Cameron

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