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 Jerry Lee Lewis and God

Rick Bragg, an Alabama native and resident, has written a new biography of Jerry Lee Lewis. In an interview published today, Bragg was asked about Jerry Lee Lewis and God.

I'll paste the excerpt and share the link.


Q. What do you think haunts Lewis?

Bragg: If anything haunts Jerry Lee Lewis, it is can a man play rock and roll music and go to heaven. That may sound like a safe and tame thing to discuss. Poignant and important, but safe. But not if you're raised in the Assembly of God, if you're Pentecostal, then the discussion of hell, calling it a lake of fire is just the beginning of it. He is still haunted by that question. Elvis and he could have talked about it, but it scared Elvis so bad he turned white and turned away. They never did have the talk that Jerry Lee wanted, and Elvis was probably the one human being he could have talked to about it.

I think he thinks about it every day.

As a writer, to me it would have been an interesting thing to hammer out in the story. But talking to Jerry Lee about it was difficult because it was so visceral. It was so real, it was something that lived with him in his house. By that same token, talking to him about faith and religion was a joy because he admits he is a great, great prolific sinner but he believes irrefutably and completely in the Holy Ghost and its power. There were very few dull days. There were very few days where I think I looked at [a] watch.


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