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 Re: Whither shalt we go?

One of Peter's best spontaneous but profound questions.

In my book "Upstream Gold" still a work in progress, I devote a whole chapter to a dedication because there were some people who greatly influenced my life and faith. The common thread with each of them was their unwillingness to quit when the going got very rough. I play with that theme that they were swimming upstream.

There are people who watch me. They have heard my words, have seen me react under pressure, have seen me angry and some have heard me ask forgiveness. They may not even realize it, but they are asking and wondering if what I claim to have in Jesus Christ is real. Or is it just a passing muse, ready to be discarded for some other religious idea.

I take this responsibility very seriously. I want to hear in Glory from people who say "I'm here because I saw that He was real in you!"

Likewise, I dread that some might cry out from the sulfurous smoke of Hell that my life and hypocrisy helped them get there.

Because none of this is really about me, and I have no right to do things with pride or carelessness. I bear an image, that of the Holy One of God to whom I have professed eternal obedience.

Go where you will, but know that people are watching. If you are in Christ and His words are abiding in you you will see the fruit of that decision. But if the sneakiest of all spirits, Pride, has tricked you- may God gently guide you to a humble place of restored honor.

Tom Cameron

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New Jersey


Reading through this thread, I come to a yet better understanding and appreciation why the Lord Jesus chose a Samaritan, a man of mixed doctrine, as an example of the good neighbor. Truly, no one knows our hearts better than the Lord.

Rey O.

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I wish someone would point me to the thread where all this discord arose. I must have missed it or perhaps what was being discussed might not have interested me so I paid no attention.

Anyways, I would like to see what all the hubbub is about. Maybe I can learn how not to act.

The idea that there is "no freedom" to post here verges on ridiculous. I have posted on some topics that a lot of people view as semi-heretical; at one point I was asked by the moderators to not post on one of these topics and I complied, although I did have to grit my teeth.

Anyways Bear, I have enjoyed our banter on here and I have always thought you to be a reasonable person, which is why this all seems rather disappointing to me.


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I know I have not frequented the boards much here in the last 4-5 years, unlike I did while I was in college, so maybe my voice will have little to contribute to these matters, but maybe you will find something of value in what I say anyway:

Let these who have gone go. Their leaving, whether through the choice of moderators or otherwise is simply a symptom of a greater spiritual problem.

The problem isn't simply of doctrine or any such thing. It's simply one of appetites. As I've distanced myself from this site over the years, I've wondered how much of what I was hungry for, when I came here regularly, was for a genuine move of God, and how much of what I hungered for was simply for something nostalgic, novel, or ideal.

While there was something of God in it, looking back more I think I obsessed with these things, not simply because God was stirring me, though He was, but because I was a bored and jaded 20-something kid in Bible college, who needed something "more" than I was getting in my Christian experience.

In filling my iPod full of sermons from many of the great men on this site, I didn't realize it at the time, but I was fundamentally no different than the revival junkie who drove from one part of the country to the next, looking for the next revival. I was something of a meteorological storm chaser... but I did it in a Jesus name.

Eventually, the things of life, and some deep trials and troubles, required I turn away from the frequency of my sermon listening habits and participation in Sermon Index. I had to grow up some. I graduated from college, had a hard time finding a job, had a relationship go sour, experienced financial woes, and experienced some medical issues.

When I looked for comfort and help, I found it in the midst of the rest of my brothers and sisters who were fellow pilgrims with me in my local church. They too were suffering, and together we all realized we were fellow pilgrims on the same journey. Our hope and strength was found in turning to one another and to Jesus.

My church was far from perfect. It was a mega church with thousands of people, programs, millions of dollars, big buildings, multiple campuses, staff, etc.. The very things I generally recognize as foreign to the Christianity of the Bible.

But in all of this, I still found my brethren. And in them I found Jesus, who was very much alive in them, at work in them, and through them, The Lord did mighty things in my life.

The Lord in recent years, has changed my appetite a bit. Honestly, I could care less about seeking revival. And while I'm still very concerned about church structure and what not, I find myself today at an even bigger church than the last one, with just as many if not more issues. They are definite areas of concern.

But my appetite is no longer after these "great things" of God. Rather, I hunger to simply love God in a thousand ordinary ways in my daily life, to love others, and whenever possible by whatever means possibly, I long to simply help others grow in their faith.

My appetites have changed, and I think, for the better.

I would suggest all on here could probably benefit from such too. I hope I can say this in the right way, lest I sound blasphemous.

Stop praying for revival. We aren't told to pray for it.

Stop trying to build or revive new/old religious systems and patterns.

Simply look to grow in your faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ, make your life about Him, and look to build up whoever you can along your way, so as to present them complete in Christ.

If that is in a house church, fantastic.

If it's in a mega church, that's great too.

But whatever you do, hunger for that which is real, and can make a difference in the lives of others in Christ.

If you have to make explosive demonstrations in order to do it, as some have done here... it's probably not of a God, and you are probably hungry after the wrong things.

There may be times for such demonstrations. But they aren't generally found in the ordinary everyday things of a God. The things of a God are found in the much more mundane, everyday stuff that life is made of.

Jimmy H

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NSW Australia


Christian hearts, in love united,
Seek alone in Jesus rest;
Has He not your love excited?
Then let love inspire each breast;
Members on our head depending
Lights reflecting Him, our sun,
Brethren His commands attending,
We in Him, our Lord, are one.

Come, then, come, O flock of Jesus,
Covenant with Him anew;
Unto Him who conquered for us,
Pledge we love and service true;
And should our love’s union holy
Firmly linked no more remain,
Wait ye at His footstool lowly,
Till He draw it close again.

Grant, Lord, that with Thy direction,
Love each other, we comply,
Aiming with unfeigned affection
Thy love to exemplify;
Let our mutual love be glowing,
Thus will all men plainly see,
That we, as on one stem growing,
Living branches are in Thee.

O that such may be our union,
As Thine with the Father is,
And not one of our communion
E’er forsake the path of bliss;
May our light ’fore men with brightness,
From Thy light reflected, shine;
Thus the world will bear us witness,
That we, Lord, are truly Thine.

by Count Zinzendorf


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 Re: And Now It Is My Time


Wayne Kraus

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Dallas, Texas


Good post Jimmy. I can relate very well to it.

Paul Frederick West

 2014/10/21 0:57Profile

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I always believe it is very important for one to leave a place without any complaining, it could be a Church you are leaving to an online forum like this. Devil when he fell from Heaven he took one third of Angels with him (Rev 12:4). It is the attitude of Devil to leave a place complaining and grumbling. But Godly one leave without any noise.

I am not referring anyone as Devil here. I am not saying anyone is right or wrong. Infact I have not even followed these threads that caused offense. I am only saying that it is better to leave without complaining against authority even if the authorities are wrong. Sister MJ did not have any complaint here when she left, I dont even know what caused her to leave. But it is better to just leave silently instead of joining the accuser of Brothern.

Imagine if you are leaving a company that you currently work because you got a better job that pays you well, then before leaving if you go spread the news to others who are still employed in that company that they are being payed peanuts, do you think your boss will like it? This wisdom that we apply in a worldly company, why is it not being applied in a Christian site where we need more deligence?


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



Appreciate some of the posts. I think there has been some good thoughts here as well as ones that are judging or looking into motives which we do not recommend to do so. Just because a saint cannot work well or fit in with the discussions on SermonIndex does not reflect 100% on their character or on their walk with God. Of course we want to stay away from extremes as well as hurtful expressions.

We can be over spiritual with our words and yet in our practical daily life not have fruit or bad fruit. I think that is what Jimmy was pointing to. But of course we do greatly promote and encourage saints to pray for revival in the North America church that needs it more then ever.

We are going to lock this thread at this point.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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