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 A Final Farewell From Appolus

Dear Saivts

I was asked to post this final farewell from our dear brother Frank.



I just wanted to say goodbye to the Saints on SI. I have been richly blessed over the past 7 years by many genuine saints. Greg has seen fit to kick me off of Sermon Index. There has always been a tension between myself and Greg, even although we have worked together over the years and I invited him to come to Glenock to have a conference in my hometown. Yet this is his site, he created it, and he maintains it, and he controls it, and he is perfectly within his own rights to kick anyone off of it. I want to think the many people who have emailed me their appreciation of my posts over the years. Obviously there are a few who violently oppose certain messages and that is their right. When God puts a message, a fire in your bones, who should one listen to, God or man? It is my pleasure to follow the Lord no matter the consequences or bitter opposition (you should see some of my emails). So take care saints and always follow hard after the Lord, never follow men. My email is Please feel free to email me at anytime on any subject................................Brother Frank

 2014/10/18 13:44

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 Re: A Final Farewell From Appolus

Do not blame Greg,

SI would have been a hipocrete to of allowed you to continue,

You where given ample warning more than almost anyone else that I have seen let go from SI and you refused any exhortation from anyone but continued to defy the written rules that are in place even after clearly being warned.

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We are blessed to even have such men as Greg and the moderators who are walking in the Spirit of Christ.

I have been observing and posting occasionally since 2008 and I haven't always posted in the right attitude. I have learned some things that everybody does not see a like on everything but we must learn to respect and love one another. I believe this site is the best Christian site with the best moderators who are spirit filled men who love God and strive to keep unity among the brethren.

They have a very difficult job because of the childish accusations that they have to put up with! I have seen some who will not listen to reason but all they want to do is teach others, but they want listen themselves...and end up either banned or getting upset and leaving on their own. This is sad!

This is a very good site with lots of messages...where lots of hours have been put in by Greg and others to get the word of God out to bless many people all over the world! We should be thankful and appreciate having such a site as this! The forum can be used to be such a great blessing to others to encourage them...even to sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron...but we need to also respect and love one another without accusing and condemning one another.

Blessings to all!

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 Re: A Final Farewell From Appolus

bear thanks for posting this. frank has always been one of my favorite posters on this site. his heart and love for the Lord has always shown. i will miss his post and feel the forum will be missing a valuable part of the Body of believers.


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We did give multiple opportunities of grace towards allowing brother Frank to interact with us on reasons for possibly being asked to leave the site and in the end also gracefully leaving. It is sad how things have to come to asking a brother to leave interacting on a website that is to be a place of edification and encouragement. SI is not a church but is a place where there is fellowship and therefore we all need to be accountable to each other and also to brethren who moderate.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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A bit melodramatic I would say, posting 'beyond the grave' as it were!


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Seriously though, it is sad to see anyone leave this forum community in such circumstances. BUT, it is only a discussion forum! As such we should try and keep a humble and teachable attitude toward one another. When folk disagree or challenge what we post, that OK. It is what a discussion is all about.

Maybe we can all learn something here. We 'should not think of our selves more highly than we ought', but remain humble, open to learn and consider others opinions in a gracious way. To suggest 'I have the word of God' or am walking in such closeness with the Lord that I cannot be wrong or cannot consider another view can lead to spiritual pride and self deceit.


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 Re: A Final Farewell From Appolus

Brothers and sisters,

It is only the devil that causes strife between two brothers, especially mature brothers that love the Lord and seek to edify the Body of Christ.

Greg, Could you please tell us why you have asked Frank to leave Sermon Index?

I believe that this thing can be worked out if handled in the right way.

I don't believe this is God's will to end things this way.

Brother Frank has always been a blessing to us, and Greg there must have been a good reason for you asking him to leave, but I would hope that you really took this before the Lord.

We have all made mistakes, and we all need grace. I could have been kicked off this site a long time ago, because I know that there are many on this site that do not hold my views.

We just don't want to give any place to the devil by allowing strife to dictate the seperation of two brothers and a ministry that has been a blessing to us.

In His Love,



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What on earth??? This is an internet FORUM, not a church for crying out loud. Just leave and let it be, no muss, no fuss, no need for drama or continued strife and certainly no need for anymore threads about it either...sigh. There is absolutely no need whatsoever why you should have to explain ANYTHING to anybody brother Greg except the person you remove which you have already done I am sure. It is no-one elses business and this thread should never have been started in the first place. PLEASE CLOSE THIS BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND!!!

 2014/10/18 19:02

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I didnt want to comment as I am in the dark about what is going on.Frank has blessed me with some great posts and Poetry.This isnt a secret organisation here except we can be annonoymous if we choose.
We constantly talk about keeping the forum to a standard that those who are not members wont be put off,
Brother Greg is accountable to the members as well as obviously to God.I have found Greg to be Fair and honest but I try to be Fair and every now and again I have to check myself and have found I slipped up.I am not saying this is the case but it would be good pray about it.
It is better to be open and honest than sweep things under the carpet or even appear to sweep it under the carpet.
I hope that this could end up a blessing rather than a division,
Yours Staff

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