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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Position or anointing?

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Whittier CA USA


But hey, maybe we just need to disagree and move on. Maybe I won't post any replies to any of your posts anymore brother. Because this debate over this issue is getting old for me now. I guess I'll just let you brethren just post away against traditional churches. God bless.



 2014/10/18 0:41Profile

 Re: thats not right Oracio

to refer to another in the third person, like this:

Neil is very familiar with that argument and uses it as well and that's why he posted what he posted as an affirmation to your OP and other post.

you don't KNOW me, you don't know what i'm "familiar" with, or NOT, and its just really bad form, and really unloving to cast me in the role of Faith "glassbreaker".

that's wrong. you have NO idea where I live in the Secret Place with God the Holy Spirit....none!....and for me to attempt to share with you, in a spirit of reasoning has proven fruitless, pointless and of little to no profit.

But I will tell you this, I will stand with my brother Frank to the end, not because he's "Frank", a mere man like me, but because we have talked and prayed AT LENGTH, about this grievous state of affairs, and though 900 miles physically separate us, not one millimeter separate us in what God has laid on our hearts, let the crowd be against us and God for us, I say in the Leading of the LORD.

now its 5:30 AM, and I spent more time than I want in this futile, heart rending exercise, so i'm heading 10 miles into town, hit the WalMart for more supplies so I can self quarantine on this lonely ridge, IF God decides to bring Judgment on this land, using this dread pathogen Ebola, praying and begging that He stay His Hand, when I start stacking more firewood on this porch at dawn...doing firewood is great time to pray and worship...God loves "dry wood", fore when the Spark is ignited, Oh! it burns hot and intense.

so continue kicking at the goads, and hectoring fellow Blood bought saints, God have mercy on you,amen, neil

 2014/10/18 6:41

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