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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : What ebola looks like on the ground in Liberia

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 What ebola looks like on the ground in Liberia

I thought long and prayed hard whether to post this, and was led to do so for two reasons:

1...a prayer point, True, this could be Judgment, I don't know. Jeremiah was given the Word NOT to pray for the people, the LORD was that angry. We must search our hearts, search and query the Holy let me say....what a post could be a prayer point or not.

2. Since we (mostly) live in the "1st World", I thought it wise, to show you, how this dread and terrible scourge is hitting the 3rd World in Africa, specifically Liberia. Importantly because we have patient two now in Dallas, I've been hearing reports of panicky people from Boston to California, convinced they have ebola.

Its even beginning to affect the equity markets, Monday might be a very bad trading day. Wisdom dictates I suggest this, in the "wise as serpents" category: stock up on supplies, minimum a month, canned goods, rice, dried beans, canned or dried fruits,,throw "fun" foods in there for morale,and if you are tied to a municipal water system, most definitely buy flats of water, more than you think you far as your medical kit, i'm weary and do your own homework,i say that in love.

(on a personal note, my son and his mother are 2,000 miles away from me, and his mother is having a terrible time coping, just EVEn hearing the news,,,,this is battering the doors of my soul, but my Faith in Jesus keeps me somewhat calm....i'm sure many of you precious souls know what I mean)

i'm linking you to a ZH article, which has embedded a three part video series from Vice News (don't let the title fool you) Vice is demonstrating enormous bravery in truth that no other news org is displaying. Instead of talking CDC heads with reassurances that DONT ring true, Vice reporters are at ground zero, putting their lives in dire risk.

I would be remiss in the LORD, if I didn't sound the trumpet off the Wall, so here it is:

Jesus Is Lord, neil

 2014/10/12 22:22

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