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 "Let" - such a little word - such a big decision


Three little letters – you’d think it simple – yet
A world of pain and agony can fill this little “let”
“Let patience have her perfect work” – a truth easy to quote
But knowing tribulation’s role –the “let” caught in my throat

I’d rather “let” all joy and peace, “let” rest on every side
And dance my way all down the aisle as His beloved bride
I’d “let” the wedding feast begin, today and not tomorrow
But He’s content to “let” pain work and “let” me wait in sorrow

In my own strength I’ve failed to “let”, now weak must I “let” still?
And submit unto death with Him the last part of my will
Oh for the days when like a child I barely understood
And played with all my Christian friends within my neighborhood

But here I stand, there’s no mistake, this is the way for me
Only the suffering soul will have the light of life to see
So looking at my cross through His, a hope stirs in me yet
By faith in Him – I bow again and say yes Lord I’ll “let”

Alan and Dina Martin

 2014/9/24 14:46Profile

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