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 47 Years

Today marks 47 years since Rollin and I said our "I Dos". We then committed to be faithful to each other until death do us part,as God and friends were our witness.

Life has been quite a journey - it has taken us to where one never dreamed on that eventful day. God has changed us so radically that today we are a far cry from what we were back then - we are totally different people. I stand amazed. Many times I wish I could have known back then what I do now but this wishing is futile because what we know today came about because of experiencing LIFE.

I am amazed with the faithfulness of the LORD Jesus - he never abandoned us even when we were immature and stupid, He stuck by us and did not let go.

As I look back 47 years the only thing I can really brag about, hold up to for admiration is the faithfulness of the LORD in keeping us. The fact that we love the LORD still is remarkable considering the times we are living in. God has allowed us to experience rough times but it is during these times when we learned how weak, insufficient our strength is, that we need the LORD to sustain us. And He has proven to be faithful even when we tottered on the brink. And I expect his sustaining power to continue in the time ahead.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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Sandra Miller

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 Re: 47 Years

May God bless you on your 47 years of marriage.

I recently celebrated 27 years...and counting.

God truly has blessed us.

Once again, congratulations.

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Happy Anniversary, Sandra....thanks for sharing...may there be more like you to testify of the Lord's faithfulness :)

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 Re: 47 Years

I give thanks and praise HIS name for keeping your marriage. You are right in saying the only thing to brag about is the faithfulness of the LORD seeing us through. Marriage is not something to be taken for granted or neglected. The enemy prowls around waiting for a chance to destroy and sadly today far to many Christians call it quiets and give up on their spouses.

Forty seven years is a lifetime together. I pray for you both as you move forward, may you continue to seek JESUS and put HIM first in your life together always.

God bless

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