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I am perfectly happy to discuss Wesley and Fox further and did not mean that we should not give our views regarding other theologies. I was talking about the use of the word heresy and did not single anyone out over that but I have noticed it becoming used more frequently not just here but all over the web.

It would help though if you did not write such as this

fox was way of the mark with that interpretation as you are sister maybe you should have not read so much doctrines of men and just meditate of the verses ,,maybe stop trying to fit verses in the bible into a jigsaw theology of men

 2014/8/30 6:12

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I would like to respond to that brenda , but for the sake of this thread i dont want to change the subject of this thread if you no what i mean

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 Re: Peace

Wait, Brother Bill!! Don't stand so close to the edge of the building, don't jump, it will be OK, ...... Nooooooooooo.......!

Tom Cameron

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 Re: Peace

Greetings and salutations Brother Bill!

I too enjoy your posts and your wit. You are a needed voice here as there seems to be increasing ugliness in the name of Christ. I echo those who ask you to stay.

Have a blessed day! May you show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. ... and do something fun!

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I am sorry if my post led folks to believe I was leaving SI. I am not leaving, I just wished I could still have the passion I used to, to come here and be enlightened by the massive amounts of wisdom in the forums, the sermons, etc. I want to sometimes look in on some threads the grab my attention, but now I am so reluctant that I will be disappointed by the tone. Mary, I am so grateful you recognized some of my wit, it's just my God given nature. I feel any business, relationship, forum, church, etc. needs that person with wit, they sometimes becomes our saving grace when we get down at work, home or church.

I do know how to be serious, but not for to long, because I do realize "this life is not permanent". We all want to be right, I think it's just human nature, it gives us a sense of accomplishment/approval, but I don't need mans approval just God's, if he is happy, I am good to go. I don't want to step on any toes here, I respect the folks that want to dig deeper into scripture, it shows their passion, but where do we draw a line between passion and heated debates that start going south?

We all need to quit worrying about proving to man how much we know and understand,the word of God, if the debate gets heated and folks want to have their memberships terminated, what have we proven, that we can run good folks off with our desire to be right? I am a very passionate person when it comes to my relationship with the Lord, I don't have to debate him to prove anything, regardless of what I think or know, I am going with him in all things, he is my everything, and I will follow him in all things, good and bad.
God Bless!
Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

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Brother Bill,
Glad you are sticking around! Not sure what you meant "run good folks off"...but every situation is different and in this latest case someone asked to have their account terminated. Not withstanding that case, in a public forum like this attached to SI it is important to have moderation and in certain cases people should be pulled into line, not over getting "heated" but because they are being abusive. This is the best way to bring peace. The moderators could look at suspending an account for a few months (after several warnings) rather than permanently delete it. Allows time for repentance and restoration. Unlikely, but might be worth a try? On that note, does the forum have any written policy for warnings, discipline or account termination? That's fairly commonplace now a days.

 2014/8/31 15:05


"Sister you made negative remarks against reformed theology in that thread ,and charismatic theology in the past..."

There is a whole lot wrong with both Calvinistic and Charismatic theology floating around the world today and I hope to God that we are not afraid to correct and warn when needed. If this is considered negative then so be it. In my case I will rarely if ever argue with others about it anymore but I am not going to be afraid of speaking out against clearly bad teaching as The Lord leads me. I hope others on the forum will also have the courage stand for the truth without descending into unfruitful arguments. We are a very mixed bag of individuals so it is not surprising that things always "go south" when that is ignored by those with an agenda, trying to push whatever part of the aforementioned ideologies they are passionate about (rather than Jesus) onto the rest of the group. Personally I will honor and defer to the leadership and moderation of the forum, every time, without question...but I honestly think there is a lot of confusion and a very unclear purpose in these forums. I leaves me with the burden to pray for SI even more and for brother Greg and the other moderators. I am reminded of that verse that speaks about "if a trumpet makes an unclear sound, who will prepare for battle"? I sense that there are people ready to pounce on others the minute they speak the truth, because the truth does not line up with their pet doctrines. Does that sound like something the Holy Spirit is controlling. I guess I am rambling on now and I fear that I have not been able to explain my heart very well, but if you can decipher anything out of this, then The Lord be praised!!

 2014/9/1 11:15

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 Re: Peace

MrBillPro wrote:
I pray someday I will enjoy coming back to SI to read and take part in some of the threads, as it stands now, it's been allowed to get so bad, I don't even feel at peace here anymore.

Brother, I mean no offense but I don't know where you're coming from with you not feeling peace on here anymore. If you've been here 10 years, you should remember waltern (along with about 10 other people and LoinGirder)! LOL That time was like the wild, wild west on here.

And to me, last week was nothing like those days! You would have really lost your peace back then!! Waltern hurt my feelings more than once but hey, life goes on.

During those days, I would check SI 5 to 10 times a day, things exploded so fast on here!!! Now it's so sedate, there's no need to check it but once a day, sometimes a whole lot less!

God bless you, Bill!

PS: the mods have nothing to apologize for, imo.


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I think when we go too far in our replies we know inside us that we've lost control. I think if we can say to ourselves once we have lost it a bit that : "I need to have a little break." ........
I'm sorry I'm not talking down to anyone here as I'm just as capable of not writing my posts properly.... There is more to life than being on a forum, I have to say this to myself sometimes and remove any joy I was getting from replying to people as God asks me to stop posting. Have to practice self denial and let our laughter be turned to mourning and our joy to heaviness, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up as it says in James. We can come back and be in more control and reply in a better way which has more chance of being noticed. I'm not an expert on doing this on a forum but it's good to begin somewhere. And i think this forum is part of our Christian walk of practicing self denial.

David Keel

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And i think this forum is part of our Christian walk of practicing self denial.

I think that is a great part of how each of us can benefit from the forums is to as brother shared to "practice self-denial" to love others, serve others and prefer others before ourselves. Also to realize that all our communication with our spouses, children, at church, at home, on SermonIndex forums.

Matthew 12:36 - But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.

If listening to the sermons are not changing you and you are still full of the same problems, etc then there is a problem not in hearing but obeying the word of God and allowing the Lord to transform you saints. There are many who have been on the forums for many years and they have changed greatly from an argumentative person to a more mature godly person. We have seen this happen over and over. The problem is in my mind not with the forums but with those who "will not" change.

May we have great mercy and grace on everyone here, we are all at different levels of growth in the Lord. May we treat each other as Christ.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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