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I pray someday I will enjoy coming back to SI to read and take part in some of the threads, as it stands now, it's been allowed to get so bad, I don't even feel at peace here anymore.
I will keep SI in my prayers, and may God Bless SI and all it's members, and Lord I pray may we all can find peace in coming here again soon.


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Peace

Dear brother,

I am sorry you will be doing this. I do apologize over the last week with the birth of our new child etc it has been hard for me to be diligent on the forums. We have taken a few actions this morning and will continue to pray overall the forums will be salt and light though there are some blemishes that appear from time to time.

We do ask saints be in prayer for this ministry, website and also discussion forums. That all things would have great impact for the kingdom of God. Another thing to remind saints especially older saints is to come to the forums in a spirit of humility to learn and grow and encourage and not to teach. This is not a platform for you to teach many people but rather to encourage and grow with others.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2005/2/24
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Congratulations on the new little Blessing Greg! I am not mad, as a member for almost 10 years, I am just a little disappointed. I can remember way back when, we never had the battles like today, most of the good long threads start out healthy, but end up going south fast. We all just need to focus more on God, he's the leader, were just the followers, he may lead us into "some" of the debates, but my guess is, when they get heated, God is gone and we stay.


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 please dont go brother Bill

believe me, I know how you feel.

many threads and postings, unstable, divisive....dare I say....moronic.

please dear brother, reconsider.....the moderators stand firm and sound.

some people, just get unstable because the times are dark, which means we have ...stick together in Jesus.

in His Love, neil

 2014/8/29 19:45

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 Re: please dont go brother Bill

Just think, when they to do religious discussions on some media like talk radio, it can't go further than 10 minutes! Whole lot of religious rage out there!

The Sermon Index discussion forum is really the sum of its participants, and conversations will always ebb and flow. People will be misinterpreted, chastised, rebuked and praised- all a test really of how deep the love goes in one's heart for others you do not know!

Hang in there Bill, love on 'em, challenge their foolishness, amplify their simple wisdom, help make us all better disciples!

Tom Cameron

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As a mod I apologize for not being more active in the forums as of late. I understand your sentiments Bill. The good old days of SermonIndex had problems too; false prophets, troublemakers, usurpers, religionists, etc. They have always been here, drawn to the fire of godly discussions like moths to corrupt. Back then we were more proactive in chasing them away before things got really bad. We've let that slide as of late, and I take the blame for it. Please forgive me. We are praying for godly wisdom, and if you can find it in your heart to intercede for us, this would be the ultimate thing thing anyone can do who loves this ministry.

I and the other mods will be taking a more active role here, by God's grace. Do not lose heart. We need your prayers, Bill. God bless you dear brother!

Paul Frederick West

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I echo the sentiments - please don't go, Brother Bill....

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I guess this is a question for Greg and Paul, but how many moderators are there now actively involved anymore, just you two brothers?

I also think that as you are praying for SI, particularly the forums, that you ask the Lord to show you His will, moving forward. Is it time to mix things up a little? Has it become stale? Time for a change, maybe upgrade the technology? Even consider moving to something a little more like facebook? I haven't given it a whole lot of thought, but the one thing that strikes me is that if the same problems keep surfacing wouldn't it be wise to see if there was a better way?

I have not been around that long so others can answer if the forum has become a little "stale" or not, but from what I can tell, there are just a small handful of active posters. Which is good, that there are at least some people posting, but there is opportunity for a whole lot more people to be blessed and encouraged and strengthened. How can we get more people to participate? When a lot of posts degenerate into theological arguments, this pushes a lot of good people away who are just not interested in fighting with others.

SI has a very good foundation but I sense that there is something more than what we see that the Lord wants to build here. I say we dream a little and believe for God to greater things! He can change the whole thing if we believe Him for it...a vibrant community where elder believers can strengthen and inspire new believers. Why not? Can we dream?

I think that one of the problems that keeps coming up is that overbearing personalities are allowed to run wild and they tend to become very judgemental, almost ready at a whim to strike back at anyone who disagrees with them. And then those who are quiet just shut their mouths. And then the cycle continues, and the number of participants gets smaller and smaller. It is a self defeating process. We have to change this!

Also, I really like the FB idea of likes, because it sends a clear message to the commenter that they have the backing and support of the community. Kind of like being in a group and when someone says something good or edifying, others nod their heads or smile. In the same manner if someone says something that is grievous, or raises their voice, others grimace and recoil a little, sending a clear message that they do not approve. This body language is hard to transmit online, which is why "likes" are so important. Lots of blogs also have this same technology, where comments are given likes.

Just a few thoughts.

 2014/8/30 0:01


One of the things that I would like to see change on SI, is the tolerance of those who bandy about the word 'heresy' to anyone who disagrees with their own theology. It is a serious charge and should only be used towards those who are in a position of teaching, and a matter for church leaders, not towards those who could perhaps be finding their way in theology by rethinking certain doctrines that they were taught and would like to sound out their thoughts.

I would think that nothing scares people away from posting than the thought that someone might pop up and call them a heretic because they haven't got their thinking straight yet or even that they just don't agree with whoever is sounding forth.

Moreover, this site itself has the writings and sermons of a wide spectrum of theologies so it seems a little contradictory that some are allowed to shout against, and make that accusation towards those who hold the views of some of the writers on the site, case in point being George Fox which was the cause of that closed thread of late.

I propose that if someone uses the word heresy then that post is reported which will save the thread descending into what we have seen recently.

 2014/8/30 4:24

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Sister you made negative remarks against reformed theology in that thread ,and charismatic theology in the past so it is a contradiction for you to say what you've just said ,very hypocritical if i can say that gently

Just for the record i never used the word heresy and i never got excited and shouted against any one ,,but i was pointing out some things that also later i found john Wesley pointed out much the same about Quakerism and George fox ,and hoped we could do a bible study on those points ,i never got defensive or offended by anyone ,as a mater fact of fact i never if got the opportunity to defend those points by a bible study

Honestly i dont see the point in getting upset about threads . I'm not the sort of man that would just ignore you Brenda wile you ask me questions or make statements wile in the process of defending George fox ,or what ever the discussion .I do that out of respect to you , but i would have preferred that you didnt defend him ,because it was just those points that i really wanted talk about ,which now will probable get ignored by the forum due to being concerned about more heated battles

I pray we can talk in this forum about important biblical principles in peace ,like the infallibility of gods word ,and the nature and spiritual weight of true prophecy with out getting all excessively defensive, im sure we may be all guilty at some time regarding getting overly defensive .

i did get a bit defensive in a thread about Christians defending there family and children or neighbors and there children with brother blain ,but i hope he noes how to take me iv lernt how to take him and i get over it with in afew replies in the same thread , and carry on as if it part of who we are as Christians with convictions . Be angry but sin not let not the sun go down on your wrath .

anger is a part of who we are Christians and it is not good to suppress it ,we need to except we will become angry but we must just not sin and get personal ,brother Andrew has his reasons for being strict regarding what he sees as fasle teaching and the occult for different reasons and due to his practicing the craft .But honestly when you speak face to face with some like him he is as gentle as a dove, so i encourage you all hear not to hold animosity in your hearts toward him or fasle ideas in your heads about him ,there is nothing good that will come from that .

Social media is not a good medium to communicate through ,we dont have tone or body language etc to help us communicate our hearts


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