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 Wisdom on Attending an Islamic Open House


Some of us believe God may be stirring in our hearts to visit the opening of an Islamic center in Russellville Arkansas. The opening would take place this coming Saturday August 30th.

Prayer and emails have been going back and forth as to the best approach in going to this open house. Some of the brothers that I know are experienced street preachers. But going to an Islamic Center may be a whole new ball game.

A question has been raised as to whether we should even enter the Islamic Center. Even for the purpose of dialogue. It has been discussed about maybe standing outside the perimeter of the Islamic Center handing out tracks and engaging people in conversation about Christ.

My thought was to do a prayer walk around the Islamic Center. And perhaps even inside Islamic Center if invited to come in. I have prayer walked around the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City as well as through the temple ground complex.

Wondering if anyone in the forum has experience about reaching out to Moslems. And what wisdom they can offer.

I believe some attempt should be made to engage Moslems with the gospel. We just need some wisdom.


 2014/8/28 16:44

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 Re: Wisdom on Attending an Islamic Open House

Don't overthink the situation. Go in there and just ask questions as an inquiring mind. Let it open the doors to more conversation. Don't go in there with the attitude that you are going to convert anyone because then you will be seen as a Fundamentalist and people run away from such things.

You know what they believe about Jesus and the Bible. If you really wanted to stir up a conversation just ask them how does Allah demonstrate his love while sharing how Jesus demonstrated His love. Keep it personable because after all, they are human as well.


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 Re: Wisdom on Attending an Islamic Open House

in the woods, there is a type of wasp, that makes a round paper nest. When you walk thru dense forest, you got to be hyper aware because if you walk INTO a paper nest, you will be attacked by a kind of wasp whose sting is so potent, that if you get stung multiple types on the throats, your airway could actually become constricted and blocked. no joke, especially if you're deep in the woods, you could die.

to me, I see little purpose or Utility in the Lord, by having street preachers, poking these wasp nests. These muslims in America are either filled with fear, that someday they will wind up in FEMA camps, or secretly lust for jihad in America as sleeper cells.

if any saint wishes to "cross a river", why not make inroads to the many black churches in this country, because the MOST segregated time in the week is 10 AM Sundays....the inner cities of America are dying, and as Frank Bartleman wrote in his account of the Azusa Street Revival, as blacks and white worshiped together, "the color line was washed away in the Blood"...that only lasted a few years, and now you have the Assemblies of God and the Church of Christ in God, one denomination primarily white, the other black.

Besides, I watch what street preachers are doing and a lot of them are Pelagian's., which is a hard brittle "doctrine".

the world is on fire, why pour more gasoline on it?

I pray you don't get cross with asked, this is just my view. God bless your decision. neil

 2014/8/28 17:17

 Re: Wisdom on Attending an Islamic Open House

Islam in the west is a very different creature to Islam in the east. Firstly they will welcome you in open dialogue precisely because the Imam or the Cleric will be well versed in Scripture and will more than likely be well prepared for just such an event. What they will not expect is any meaningful consequence for themselves. They will be full of spiritual pride believing as they do that Islam is the only true religion of Allah.

The christ of Islam is al'Masih Isa and he is another Christ. The greatest mistake you will make is to allow them to see that you actually believe that the Jesus of the Qur'an is in fact the same person of the Bible. In Islam he is, however in truth he is not. Your focus ought to be spiritual realities and not intellectual opportunities.

Every well informed Muslim knows that the al'Masih Isa or Isa ben Maryam of the Qur'an stands in total and absolute contradiction to the Lord Jesus Christ. The distinction begins in Hebrew between the Mashiach of Israel and the Masih of Islam. Muslims use the name Messiah in the Qur'an to mean anointed one, and that term anointed comes from Masaha which means to anoint. So when they speak of Messiah Jesus in Arabic that means nothing more than Jesus who was the anointed one. The definite article "al" from al'Masih does not change who this al'Masih is in Qur'anic meaning. The Jesus of the bible to the Muslim is another man altogether and bears no relationship in meaning to The Lord Jesus of Christians. They believe the bible has been altered and changed to the extent that it is a false account of their Jesus.

They will make ruin of your every argument with ease if you go in the power of the mind and with Biblical terminology which has its meaning in the name of Jesus with no power to reveal Christ Himself. Regardless as to what the name of Jesus is to you it means something completely different to them. Which means that to have any real effect you will have to go in the power of the Holy Spirit. In which case expect real problems because the first person who converts to Christ at your hand stands in a place of apostasy from Islam and therefore goes about with a death sentence on their heads.

I agree with Neil in part. Either go with the sword of the word of God in power and authority or do not go. If you go in any other way the faith of weak brethren will be challenged. Western Muslims know exactly what they are doing when it comes to being sweet with Christians. Just remember in their minds you have no real faith unless you demonstrate a real faith with visible spiritual power. Then you are simply a Christian to be tolerated no more. Apart from that what possible reason could there be for going. Tea and biscuits does not amount to evangelism, nor does polite conversation, nor eating food nor abiding by the rules of serpents. Only real visible and purposeful evangelism will defeat Islam.

 2014/8/28 18:08

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 Re: Wisdom on Attending an Islamic Open House

Hi bearmaster,

Many years ago I had a chat with someone who was of Middle-Eastern origin and was used to reaching out to Muslims. He gave some advice - that I don't have to know the Quran, but I have to know my Bible well. I have found that to be true in my limited experience.

An incident which he shared: he found himself dining with some Muslim friends on one occasion, and was asked why he didn't have to observe dietary laws. His response - Jesus says that it is not what goes into someone’s mouth which defiles them, but what comes out of their mouth.

They were stunned by his reply, and agreed that what he said was very true.

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