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 Christ on the Cross

Hi All

it seems that my walk in the Lord for the past 24 years has been done back to front or thats what it feels like. when i first gave my life to the Lord with all my heart. I was a whore monger, fighter and drug user. as the years have gone on I am seeing more and more the real Love of God as he acepted me. Not long ago i was talking to God and realised that when i made a covenant with him that we swapped all that was mine for all that he had. every foul thought, actions and detruction that i had caused. christ took that on himself and then handed me peace, mercy, grace and all the fruits of the spirit. if that wasnt uncomprehendable enough he then recieved my whipping, death, humiliation and all the penalties for my sins. how dare i even consider the seduction of sin with this knowledge.

i think that as christians we hear christian things so often that we can forget to sit down and really think about what it means on a personal level frequently. or is it just me. Milton Green does a wonderful teaching on the different covenants God makes and it is this that sparked my thoughts in this area.

i would like to know how others came to this conclusion in their walk with God was it early or later in their walk.

karl rashleigh

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