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 Prayer needed

I am asking you guys to pray for my wife and me. We experienced a real serious heartbreak at church. I do not want to go into it because I am really not in a good emotional place about it right now, and I do not want dishonor the Lord, or feed any fleshly reaction. I appreciate you all. I appreciate this place.


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 Re: Prayer needed

god fill them with you spirit and give them wisdom to deal with this situation amen

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 Re: Prayer needed

Hi Dolfan

take courage and know this, that God is always in control. Since February this year my wife and i have lost everything and have been attacked in every area of our hearts. About 2 months ago the attack became so bad that i felt like i was loosing my mind. we had churches praying over us and pastors comming over to pray over us. at 2am in the morning after my wife was locked up for trying to commit suicide. i laid in my bed curled up in a fetal position and just sobed. (i am a very big man) as i sobed i cried out to the father the following prayer.

My father in Heaven, i declare before all of heaven and the spiritual realm that you are my father through the covenant that i made with Jesus. therefore i ask you to open your ears and hear my hearts cry.

a beautiful peace came over me then a strength came over for me to keep going everyday since. although we have lost all of our material stuff. I know that the father is in control and most of all we are growing spiritually. even the other day, i had to ask for a food hamper and food voucher and when the lady gave it too me, i couldn't help but burst in tears in front of the staff.

i was talking to God one day and i said "if i am to die to self and become alive in him, how would i know that i have accomplished this. the holy spirit told me that dead bodies dont get hurt. the world attacks our feelings and body to destroy us but if we are in Christ these things become less important.

i dont know if any of this helps but i pray that the Lord hides you in the shadow of his quiver as you go through this battle and that your spiritual eyes open to the truth as you both walk through this.

karl rashleigh

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