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 Prayer requested, not urgent

My wife, bless her, is a suffer no fools personality. She is funny, smart, and sharp as a tack. And she has little fear about saying what no one else will say. That gets her into some scrapes with people, brothers and sisters in the Lord even, at times.

That seems to be the case today. One of the church ladies posted a Facebook invitation for the other church ladies to attend a "pool party" for the women to "fellowship" and "chillax and have fun". They tagged my wife in the post. Whereupon, having been grieved by the long since Spirit given call for our church to repent and the lack of fruit meet for that repentance, she oosted a question: "Will there be prayer and bible study or will that quench the spirit of fellowship too much?"

Elbows are being thrown now at her, and one of them is particularly unexpected.

So, please pray that love seasons the rest of this Facebook conversation and that our ladies will repent of foolishness and fall on their faces seeking God for the times in which we live. The world has deeply taken hold in our local church, and we do not want to be arrogant. But, when everyone around you seems to be nonchalant about the lost, their own worldliness, love foe entertainments, and about the Word of God and the Great Commission .... arrogance is what real sorrow and devotion to truth looks like.


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 Re: Prayer requested, not urgent

Your wife's response was awesome.

I know the response is not funny. Hackles are raised because as Art Katz liked to say it scandalized their current type of Christianity.

That is why I believe it is definitely true that the greatest persecution in the Church will be from fellow "Christians"


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 Re: Prayer requested, not urgent


I would love to meet your wife! She sounds like my kind! I admire her bravery! Too bad not more will have "little fear about saying what no one else will say." Most of my FB friends are afraid of speaking up, challenging sin...

I understand your concern.

I would love to meet your wife...:-)

God bless you and your wife...


Sandra Miller

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