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 hollywood unmasked

the mystery of iniquity is no mystery to the dersening christian ,,,watch with causion and see how demon possision is not a myth when it comes to the elite and famous ,,,some of this is not aporpraite for children ,,,,

as christians is it ok for us to be entertained by devils literaly , ,,,,,these 2 links ,show how some of the best actors in the game like johny dep are chaneling demons ,,,in past times the word muse was used to decribe what we call demons ,by pagans ,,and even they knew that exceptional acting and singing abilitys came from what they believed were godesses,,these were often invoked before performence ,,,,,,the famouse beoenece was recored in an interview resently saying how she raised her hands in the air and she felt that something entered her ,and theen she is taken over by this strage pesonality that performs things she would never do or even be able to do ,,if one looks at the 2013 superboal performence by her the menefestation of the demon is quite starteling

i post these links with the hope that even one christian that has been sucked into the hollywood adiction would see the devil at work ,and repent ,,and keep there mind on the heaveny things rather then be etertained by demons

watch this part 1

part 2

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