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 Deliver a summons to your friends & neighbors who may not be aware of their appointment ...

Recently, I was convicted of my need to warn the "unwarned" about the coming Day of Judgment. I typed up this paper (on 8 1/2 by 11 sheets) and started delivering it to people. You should be able to save these images to your computer and print them on front and back of a paper:



If you were to have trouble with those links, you could go directly to the FB page, and you should be able to download them:

I generally read the front side to them (as though I were an officer) and then explain the terms on the back side. Of course I explain to them that I have the same summons to appear before the same Judge. At the end, I explain that there is a lawyer, but you have to go to him personally and individually while you are still alive on earth. There is no way to pay off the judge ... there is only one payment that He accepts, and you can make arrangements for that payment to count for you by going to the One and Only mediator (lawyer).

If you can use these, you are welcomed to them. If you would like my copy in Microsoft Word (so that you can reword some of it without retyping the whole thing), or if you'd like a PDF copy send me an email, and I can email them to you:

In the process you may run across someone that God is calling, and He may use you to win them. At least you will have warned them, and their blood will not be on your hands.

God bless you,

Brother Michael

P.S. The Hebrew words in the middle of the symbol are "HOLY HOLY HOLY"

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