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 What is one Sermon that has greatly impacted your life?

I thought this would a good Topic for edifying discussion amongst the body. We've all heard plenty of powerful messages that bring us under conviction. But what is one message that when you listened to it felt like God stabbed you in the heart, that made you get on your knees or your face and weep? What is one message that when you heard it, it made you uncomfortable and wouldn't just leave your mind and mind until you prayed or did something about it?

The Judgement Seat - Leonard Ravenhill:

I will never forget the first time I ever listened to that clip^. It was about 5 years ago, and until then I had never heard of Leonard Ravenhill. I was in the public library looking up sermons by Bro B.H. Clendennen. We didn't have internet at the time so whenever I got a chance to go I went to find and hear powerful preaching. I had just finished listening to a clip of Bro Clendennen when in the "feature videos" section it had that clip above as well as some others of Leonard Ravenhill.

The Bible says know them that Labour among you. I didn't know him or anything about him At the time so honestly I was cautious but decided to listen to the message. The only way I could describe what I felt is utter shock. It seemed like God had taken Me out of that library room and sat me down in the Judgement Seat. We left the library and I couldn't get my mind off that message. God was still dealing with me, my heart was still pounding. I determined to earnestly pray and seek God. Even though, I had work to do, When I got home I went to my prayer closet, fell on my face, and wept, and pleaded with God to do whatever it took to Prepare Me for the Judgement. I thank God for His goodness that leads to repentance, and for His Word that never shall turn void.

Jesus told the church in Revelation to go back and do the first works. IEven if you've read Scriptures 100's of times, or Prayed 100's of times, or listened to a message 100's of times it's good to go back and let God examine your heart and make sure you haven't left your first love.

I Pray the clip convicts you, and drives you to your knees. I can't wait to see your sermons and responses. God bless.


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 Re: What is one Sermon that has greatly impacted your life?

Well, it surely impacted me! I am always greatly convicted by Ravenhill, and wonder where are such men today...I will have to think on which sermon has greatly impacted me - there are several to choose from....good topic!

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I downloaded clips from that Ravenhill sermon from the old "fire on the altar" website. One was called "crowns" and it was very impactful because I had never heard anything quite like it before.

Another one that was impactful to me is "called to die" by Michael Brown:


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