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 Hamas' Latest Rocket Target: Israeli Nuclear Reactor; 5 Million Now Under Rocket Threat

According to an Israel Today report, the latest target on which Hamas' rockets have been trained is an Israeli nuclear reactor.

The IT report said that rocket fire escalated "from Gaza on Wednesday and Thursday by targeting Israel’s nuclear reactor in the southern town of Dimona and firing barrage after barrage at the densely-populated Tel Aviv area."

There have been around 300 missiles and rockets fired on Israel from Hamas in Gaza over this week, however, thanks to Israel's Iron Dome battery of air defense interceptors, there have been no Israeli casualties, although now five million are reportedly "living under the direct threat of rocket fire."

The Israel Today article notes: The chances of a real catastrophe are somewhat offset by the tremendous success of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system, which has downed 90 percent of the Gaza missiles that threatened to hit population centers or other sensitive targets.

Still, the threat remains, and a hit on Dimona or a successful strike on Tel Aviv would provide a major morale boost to Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups, and would likely mean an even more intense and prolonged conflict necessitating an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

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