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 Be careful little mouth, what you say...

Didja know that God Hates it when people give bad advice to His Saints?

Oh, be careful, my friends what advice and suggestions you post on messageboards and whisper into the ears of your friends...especially if you think it Godly.

[i][b]Job 42:7[/b] And it was so, that after the LORD had spoken these words unto Job, the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath.[/i]

Keep reading and you will see that God requires of these haughty, arrogant friends of Job, who thought they knew of all things pertaning to God, sacrifice for their foolish words.

These verses should make every Christian who frequents message boards sit up and take notice. God is paying very close attention to how you speak to His people. If you steer them wrong, it is something He will take note of.

Just a friendly reminder for all of us that I picked up last night in church. :-)

[b][i]Job 42:7b[/b] servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept: lest I deal with you after your folly, in that ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job.[/i]

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 Re: Be careful little mouth, what you say...

Thanks Angyl, for sharing the word you received from sitting under the word. ;-)

Great post.


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