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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Where was Jeremiah?

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had you not been asking so detailed of questions, I would not have even taken more than a 2nd look at these

According to the account (this is combinding what it says in 2 Kings and Jeremiah) In the 4th month the city was penetrated. The captives were carried off in the 5th month and Jeremiah was released to Gedaliah in Mizpah. The events of 41-43 occur 2 months later (the 7th month). Jeremiah was told to go wherever he wished, which it seems to me was near Bethlehem.

It also appears to me that Jeremiah did not stay in Mizpah, but went to Bethlehem for one reason or another. And I think the account gets "fuzzy" because neither Jeremiah nor Baruch were there during Ishmael's rebellion nor were they there for Johanan's gathering of the people at Gibeon and Mizpah. He was present starting near Bethlehem, when they came near to him.

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That may be so.

It is very interesting to me. I suppose why this jumps out at me is very much in line with the themes discussed here so much. Here is Jeremiah, the old prophet of doom in the eyes of so many and even himself because his message was consistently one of doom. But, here, the man actually gets to give good news, albeit with a grain of salt so to speak. And, sure enough, they put poor Jeremiah back into another difficulty by rejecting even his promises of peace and prosperity. He just could not come out ahead.

He came out obedient, though. He truly did not count this world as his home. Tradition says he was cut in two in Egypt by his own people, which certainly fits how they treated him as described in Jeremiah the book.

How is the church in America today so much like the self willed, pompous, fraudulent boast of Johanon in Jeremiah 42 and 43? We say we are His, we say we will obey, yet we too will balk at the word of God to us and spread ourselves before the non existent "Queen of heaven" to pursue the natural, carnal, fleshly lusts.


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Yes, brother. And what is sad is that too often the fact that they speak spiritual sounding words or that they pretend to be humble is enough for them to believe that they can check their spiritual checkbox for the day. And we are all like that apart from the radical transformation of Jesus Christ. Without a heart of flesh in place of our old heart of stone, we all would, at best, only appear to be spiritual. Everything apart from Jesus Christ is honoring with lips with hearts far from the Lord.

I am very glad we had this discussion. I would never have picked this passage to meditate on, but I am glad the Lord had you asking these questions, because now I will remember this story for a long, long time.

Thanks, brother!

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 Re: i love Jeremiah

(I gotta mow pasture, so I must be quick)

Jeremiah wept, which meant he felt DEEPLY, and though he prophesied frequently of the gathering doom,he also saw and prophesied of the coming Messiah, in whats termed the "Book of Consolation (Chptrs 30-33)

another neat thing is this; the way the collection is arranged in the Bible, is not chronological. I have to fly, otherwise I'd get the order, its in the NIV study Bible...look it up. its fun.

"Jeremiah fun?"......yeh, Praise God, very much so.

Jeremiah is a first rate role model for any followerer of Messiah, he didn't care what any cracked clay religionist of his day thought about his prophesy, or his walk with God entailed.....he used blistering burning language to denounce the pretenders and the religionists of that day...even today, you could speak Jeremiah 23 to the sons of darkness out there, and what would be different?

of course the geographical points referenced, but little else.

Jeremiah was SO REAL....authentic. Faithful to God, Yahweh, maybe lonely, brokenhearted, but he had God....AND one of God's real unsung champions, the faithful scribe, Baruch. I pray I get to meet them both someday...that's the kind of stuff I think about when I ponder Heaven.

ps...try not to get hung up in the "chronological thing"...its not a salvation issue, its just kind of neat to ponder and explore...that's all.

 2014/7/8 12:54

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I enjoyed reading these responses - after reading the scripture quoted.

Another lesson it teaches me is that people today are not a whole lot different. Imagine living at that place in time, having to deal with those assassinations... how would we cope? Sounds like a scary time. Had this happened in our community, what would people be saying? The end must be near? Here in Missippi they would.

But God was very aware what the people wanted and his will did not change to please the people. Too many today believe God operates this way today. So they pursue their own way and experience judgement/calamities.

Neil, I also love these OT prophets. Isaiah is my favorite. In reading them I sometimes get the sense I just might know them! I also sense the love of God flowing through them.

Interesting thread, by the way..

Sandra Miller

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 My sister Ginny

you wrote:

Neil, I also love these OT prophets. Isaiah is my favorite. In reading them I sometimes get the sense I just might know them! I also sense the love of God flowing through them.

oh yes amen!! I could sit with you all day long, cherry picking and pondering verses from these 15 men.

Isaiah IS known as "The Prince of Prophets", and i'm certain you know of the Four Suffering Servant Songs, that point to you know I heard the other day, that absolutely disagree with? The "two Isaiah" theory...that there were TWO Isaiah's!!! (lol) I write "lol" because only out of a cemetery, I mean seminary could that come.

agreed, there is a kind of "two volume" thing happening...Isaiah 1-39 then Isaiah 40-66....but two SEPERATE men?......ach, doesn't ring true to my spirit.

and...King Hezekiah had Isaiah as Kingdom prophet, along with Micah I believe, and what made Hezekiah a great king, was the spirit, where Hezekiah would NOT be so arrogant in his rule, but seek Isaiah counsel, which was really God's counsel when the going got, when the Assyrians sent an envoy to the Wall of Jerusalem, bellowing threats IN HEBREW to shake the defenders....the Kings advisors went back to Hezekiah, who conferred with Isaiah, who then, after a time, spoke the Words of the doubts! if you got a battle, BRING THE LORD IN!!

I would have loved to live in Jerusalem then.....700 me, when I read of...say the days of Hezekiah as King and Isaiah as Prophet...its so real.....but isn't it something to think in a little over a hundred years, it all went to the devil.....586 BC, the First Temple destroyed.......terrible.

one more thing, did you know that in modern Judaism, at least for young peoples teaching, they hide the Prophets...true, we were "confined" to the Five books of Moses.....nothing of the Prophets....oh Elijah had a big standing, but not Isaiah or Jeremiah....interesting, huh.

Because if you read Isaiah's Four Suffering Servant Songs, or Jeremiah's New Covenant within the Book of Consolation, (Jer 31:31-34) MIGHT as a Jew, ask in their hearts, "what about this Jesus?"

Praise God...that question was answered in the blink of an eye. May 2002. much love in Jesus, my sister, neil

 2014/7/8 18:13

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