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Greeting Sree:
I read your article, Won by conduct, and I speak in love. But you truly don't understand. I was this wife as I read, for 30 years I was a loving Godly compassionate wife, as God is my witness to this fact. He saw my abuse, he saw how I loving loved him hoping one day he would love me and actually say he loved me, but he continually put me down, and he himself admitted he enjoyed it. He should have been proud of a loving godly wife that would spend 2-6 hours in the word a day and radiated the love of Christ, but he didn't. I came to a place of being utterly depleted, dead, nothing more to give. The bible even say in Proverbs 30:21-23 an "unloved woman" who is married ...It cannot bear up, that was me, I came to a place where I could no longer bare up.

As for John Wesley .... she was the one that left for good, she didn't die. Wesley reported in his journal, I did not forsake her, I did not dimiss her, I will not recall her.
Yes, I do not endorse what so ever her abuse she did towards him, it was wrong and sinful but it also reads that John Wesley preached on the day before and the day after his marriage that he would not be making any adjustment to married life. Molly complained about her husbands lack of sensitivity to her needs she also felt over looked by him and even unloved by him. He wrote his last bitter note to his wife saying If you were to live a thousand years, you could not undo the mischief you have done. He also wrote. Of what importance is your character to mankind? If you were buried just now, or if you had never lived, what loss would it be to the cause of God? Yes she betrayed his confidence, revealed his secrets giving him a thousand treacherous wound and was a throne in his side. It really is sad on both accounts. But he did let her go and he did not go after her. Sadly, believe it or not if my husband came to me and said he was sorry, and that he loved me, I would melt in his arms and forgive him. But that would never happen, he is happier then peach living with his mom and dad they bought a house together he eats at his mothers every day.

 2014/7/8 10:34

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by Sree on 2014/7/7 20:53:02

I would request such women to read George Muller's won by Conduct article.

Thank you for sharing this link with us. I was very moved by the short teaching. It was a very good reminder to myself, that next time I feel I have right to grumble or complain the next time I let the enemy fill my head with thoughts of "I" deserve I will remember what CHRIST has done for me on the cross and seek to be a faithful servant.

Very good seeds, thank you for sharing

God bless

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Brenda wrote:


Agreed there are some cases of women attacking their partners, but it usually involves mental illness or drug and alcohol abuse

Not true.

This is assuming wives would not abuse unless under the influence of some drug or mental illness.

I know whereof I speak.

Brenda, your posts come across that you distrust males. I find this troubling. Don't you see? Every time there is an issue here on SI dealing with male/female issues you come across as one who distrusts males and almost hates them! Don't you see? Please! Where is the self-dying love shown to people who have mistreated you? Or, did you mistreat them and blame it on them? (People do that, you know. If someone is consumed with anger they will hurl insults at you and then tell others you did it to them! I have witnessed it myself.) Please...!

Brenda, do you not see?

I had decided I will not post anymore on this thread, but this post evoked a response. I do not think I will come back to this thread, or read the responses because I do not consider it edifying. If any want to communicate with me my email addy is in my profile.


Sandra Miller

 2014/7/8 10:42Profile



Thanks but l don't see the point of a private discussion and l am sure you won't resist reading this.

It is not that l distrust males less than females. We are not commanded to trust. We are commanded to love, and speak against injustice and there is an awful lot of injustice to the second class ie females and l did not see it either during the two times l was married until l was rejected during menopause time then found out just how common it is for women, so l will continue to speak up about what is basically what God for told would happen to women but that was not to condone it. You are fortunate but many of your sisters are not.

 2014/7/8 10:59

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