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 Smith Wigglesworth - were his healings for real?

Recently someone has said that Wigglesworth's healings were "fairytales"...

It upset me a great deal to hear Wigglesworth's ministry attacked in this way - I have appreciated his writings very much.

Perhaps some of you have heard this before...what would you say? Have you researched it at all? Has anyone ever verified his healings?

I did check the internet a little and found one site that discredited him (but of course you can find a site discrediting - or crying heresy - about just about anybody and everybody)...

Can any of you help me? Have any of you looked into this?

Thank you for your help.

God Bless,


 2005/4/16 13:30

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 Re: Smith Wigglesworth - were his healings for real?

I haven't researched it.. honestly I dont know how to research it other than to trust christians who knew the man. I DO NOT belive that they were fairytales. Alot of people today say "oh how i want to be like wigglesworth..jerk someone up out of a wheelchair and get a handclap." This was not the was it was.. many people hated/hate wigglesworth and who he stood for. I have heard some stories of locals that have been to his meetings.. or their mom/grandmother did and they were healed.

Josh Parsley

 2005/4/16 14:59Profile


Thank you for the reply. I absolutely do NOT believe they were fairytales either...I'm just so disappointed at the way Christians slander other Christians - worst of all: it hurts other Christians who may have received his teachings!


 2005/4/16 15:40

 Re: Smith Wigglesworth - were his healings for real?

I do not think they were fairy tales. Wigglesworth had experinces that attracted me to want more of God.

What I think is happening is because of the recent finding concerning Benny Hinn saying that people who claimed to be healed were not.

Therefore people tend to group everyone together into one pot as false. There is a danger in doing that because it blasphemes the Spirit of God, saying it was of the devil. I have heard people say that about miracle workers. And I for one, can't judge that, I'd be too afraid.


 2005/4/16 16:14

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Sure they are real,

just as with Benny Hinn though, not everyone is healed allways, same as not everyone is saved allways.
With Benny Hinn, he usually does not claim someone to be healed, more the person himself testifies and claims to be healed. If later that one is not, it was their claim, not Benny Hinns.
Not only Wigglesworth had great healings, and not only benny Hinn, many other not so known preachers, pray with the Sick and many recover.
And not only preachers, as Jesus said, these signs shall follow them that believe, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, it was Jesus promise, not just for Wigglesworth, he just accepted that as a fact and acted on it, so does Benny Hinn. So can you and I

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One morning I woke up and opened my eyes to see Wigglesworth's book, 'Power of Faith', on my desk (I was planning on reading it so I had it in my room).
When I saw it (mind you, I had just woken up), the Spirit jolted right through me and I shot up in my bed! It was when I read the words "Power of Faith" that the Spirit in me responded.

Anyway, thought that would encourage you... I too love Wigglesworth and have been profoundly blessed by his ministry of radical faith in the Lord Jesus.

God bless,

Eli Brayley

 2005/7/27 13:47Profile

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"Though Wigglesworth believed mightily in God's promise to heal, he himself mourned the early deaths of his wife and a son. He prayed frequently for his daughter Alice Salter to be healed of deafness but to no avail. To add to his frustration, he endured excruciating pain for 3 years from a "thorn in the flesh"--kidney stones."

Smith Wigglesworth is said to have thought that these failures were due to his own 'lack of faith'.

"Although Smith believed all sickness was from the devil and everyone could be healed, there were some difficulties. The untimely death of his wife in 1913 was a real blow. He commanded death to give her up. She said, "Smith - the Lord wants me." "If the Lord wants you, I will not hold you" was his response but he greatly missed her.

His daughter, Alice Salter frequently traveled with him after Polly's death. Alice was deaf and was never healed. His youngest son, George, went to be with the Lord in 1915.

Early in the 1930's an X-ray revealed Smith was suffering from kidney stones. An immediate operation was necessary to avoid a painful illness and eventual death. "Doctor, the God who made this body is the one who can cure it. No knife shall ever cut it as long as I live" was his response.

He endured six years of pain before he was delivered. Later he suffered from sciatica which made walking painful and often, he was more sick than the people he prayed for! At seventy eight he ruptured badly and in 1944 he suffered a slight stroke. He was quickened in 1945 and was able to chair the Easter convention at Preston."

quotations from various websites. These are not repeated here to undermine Smith Wigglesworth or his ministry. In fact, this fallibility strongly commends him and his integrity in these things.

Ron Bailey

 2005/7/27 14:05Profile

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Ravenhill, in the "Interview", testifies to Smith Wigglesworth. He actually went to some of those meetings.

 2005/7/27 15:15Profile

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