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 Re: Witnessing in the UK, please help!

This thread is very challenging! Everything posted is right on the truth. (My experience is more as a sower and waterer than a harvester.)

Geraldine, a few years ago our UK city had a visit from an evangelism team and local Christians joined their effort here. They are always open to assistance, as you can see from their website, [url=][/url].

I'm sure you need to carry on doing what you already intended according to what the Lord has laid on your heart, but you could link up with them for training and experience, perhaps. Meeting them will help you to feel less isolated and give you a huge amount of courage to launch out, such is their testimony of God's blessing on their work. There is no substitute for personal experience though, as has already been said.

 2005/4/24 18:42


Thanks Dorcas,
Thanks for the link. I've just looked at it and i am so encouraged to know there is somthing like it here in the UK.
In His love, Geraldine :-)

 2005/4/25 1:41


That's cool.

I've been thinking, have you heard of the Eden Project or The World Wide Message Tribe (now known as The Tribe)? They are based in Greater Manchester. It may be no help, but, you never know. [url=][/url]

 2005/4/25 13:58

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we witness a lot in the Uk

use chick tracts a ten commandments one called "sin busters", "this is your life" (in different languages, and the tract "something in common". These all confront sin.

Get them from Mcall Barbours in Scotland (10p each) or online

 2005/6/16 15:59Profile

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