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 Eating right

To All

Is there any Temples in here that have added additions to their sanctuary?

I am one who has stretched my boundaries.

One thing is for sure is that when you enter the Church we get bigger than before we entered.

But it's not only that we make wrong choices in our diet. High starchy foods, very little protein and those green leafy vegetables is for dieters.

I have fasted and lost wieght only to gain it all back on. My purpose wasn't to lose wieght but that was a side issue that drew attention.

I have a head full of knowledge on doing the right thing, but I just love food. Not the junk food, I don't like junk food but exotic things.

I'll try anything once. I tried Caviar, very salty, probably a bad brand. Buffalo Hamburger is too die for, especially in spagetti. Now if the Gospel was like Spagetti, everyone will be eating it up.

I have read many books regarding health and nutrition, Vitamins and Mineral therapy, which I might add is one of the best books that you can read.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled and everything is mush until everything grows in. I just purried a can of cream corn. If no one has ever done this, I recommend that you do. It is delicious! Throw away the spoon and drink it from the cup.

On a serious note, I would like to be like all you spring chicks out there who are slim and trim.

But have you ever noticed that this message is not addressed within the churches? or even taken seriously as a problem and is wreaking havoc in those who have serious weight problems.

They say that obese persons are carrying around with them the future of several different kinds of diseaseses. Now I am considered obese, I am a tall (gulp)handsome man 6'4". And I wiegh just over the 300lb line. I've been told, "oh but Karl, your tall you have more to spread around." Well it don't spread around anywhere but the front.

I think something should be said of how Daniel and his three companions ate. They didn't want any meat from the kings table, but they only ate Vegetables and Water. Yeck, what a diet. But it served them and caused them to be plump which those who live in that part of the world favour over the slim and trim which the western world likes.

But what think ye?

We talk about revival, but how about a revival of eating right.

The foods we eat and this is a word that throws me for a loop everytime I go shopping, it's the word, "Hydrogenation or Hydrogenated". This trans fat is in mostly everything we eat and it is killing us. Anything that is soaked in grease at the local fast food joint is laden with this fat. It's in margarine, chips, some soups, bread, and even in "slim fast" drinks can you imagine.

The food industry does not care for our health, it only cares for profit. The bran is removed from flour not because it's healthy but because it has a better shelf life, otherwise with the bran left in it would go rancid. Even the peanut butter has trans fats. If anyone loves peanut butter try grinding your own or buying in pure form with no additives, worth eating let me tell you.

I think it is important for us to eat right, I think God would have us to eat right and to think what we put in our mouth. I have been doing this for quite sometime, I haven't dropped any wieght that I know of, but I know that I haven't gained any wieght either.

I wrote this thread so that we can share in the topic and to learn from one anothers tips and tricks, and wisdom that anyone would like to share.


 2005/4/13 16:19

 Re: Eating right

I've noticed that gluttony is rarely preached. Why? Because everyone is guilty, including pastors. If I saw a 400 pound pastor preach on gluttony I would get up and leave quicker than if a pastor who's teenage son was in jail preached on raising children.

As to staying fit... it's hard work. No two ways about it. Atkins and diets like that are terrible (You need some carbs!! No carbs = no energy!!). You need to eat healthy. Period. And [b]exercise![/b] I lift weighs 4 times a week, roller-blade 6 miles 3 times a week, and I hike all the time. Because I weight lift, I eat a high protein diet. I usually eat 4 egg whites, 5 strips of turkey bacon, and a serving of grits for breakfast... a salad with pork chops for lunch... a protein supplement shake in the middle of the afternoon... and whatever my wife makes for dinner... usually chicken or steak or roast beef w/veggies... lotsa veggies. Before I go to bed I drink a glass of red wine with a piece of dark chocolate, which helps keep the bad cholesterol down and the good cholesterol up.

Now, I've always been into fitness since playing football (I was a linebacker) in high school, and 8 years in the Marines... [b]but[/b] at 37 I've noticed my metabolism has slowed down some, and it's becoming more of a struggle than it used to be. I was doing 230lbs on the seated press at the gym last night... and noticed joint pain in my shoulders that I havent ever noticed before....that persisted all night... old age I guess, right?

But I encourage anyone at any age to get in shape. Your muscles know no age! I've seen people in their 50's turn their bodies around in 6 months or less at the gym.


 2005/4/13 16:43

Joined: 2005/1/26
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Gonna hafta agree here big time that our pastors are leaving gluttony out of the equation when it comes to preaching. Even us fundamentalists always just gloss over that and it's a cryin' shame.

Not that I have any place to talk.

Not because I AM overweight, mind you...

but because there is ZERO danger of my ever becoming so. In fact, I'm currently on a HIGH-calorie diet (5000/day plus) just to MAINTAIN my weight of 150ish.

I think the churches are doing America no favor by pussyfooting around this topic. I know quite a few, who would be motivated by a good sermon from the word on how to treat their temples better (my wife for one).

While most of the people in my church are of normal weight or slender, there are some grand saints in there and I can imagine that our pastor doesn't want to risk least in [b][i]that[/b][/i] regard, and I really don't understand why.

If a fundamentalist can yell "AMEN" when the pastor peraches against other "popular" sins like T.V. and Rock Music, Homosexuality, Drugs, and Promiscuity, they've got [b]no business[/b] getting up and walking out when he suggests that a Twinkie is 'bout the same as sprinkling pig's blood on the Temple in Jerusalem.

 2005/4/13 17:16Profile


but because there is ZERO danger of my ever becoming so. In fact, I'm currently on a HIGH-calorie diet (5000/day plus) just to MAINTAIN my weight of 150ish.

Golly... I havent weighed 150 since 8th grade!! I'm 6'2" and 218 lbs.


 2005/4/13 17:22

Joined: 2003/10/15
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 Re: eating right

Hi guys,

I was a personal fitness trainer for many years. I prided myself on being a diet and fitness guru. Actually it was an obsession and an idol in my life. But luckily the Lord opened up my eyes and I have been delivered from the bondage to "having the perfect body".

Eating in moderation and at least somewhat healthy is important, i believe. Much of the time gluttony is getting our satisfaction from food instead of God. Did you know that gluttony was one of the sins which Sodom was destroyed for? I think it was not only gluttony for food, but everything.

My website talks a bit about all of this. My main page is down right now because i'm re doing it- but I can give you a link to some individual pages to go to that might be of some help. (this is the main fitness and nutrition page) (this is just a little about me and my story)

I also recommend a great online program called
[url=]The Lord's Table[/url]. It is very biblically based and keeps you accountable.

Blessings to you, Chanin


 2005/4/13 17:29Profile


I have never had a problem with being overweight but I am just lucky as I can eat quite a lot and not put on weight so it just means that I don't get judged by people in this way. I agree that gluttony is wrong and have wondered whether it is just as bad a sin as perhaps drinking too much only it just doesn't have such detrimental effects! I suppose it is as there are no degrees of sin. I don't think that we can look at people who are overweight though and judge them as being guilty of gluttony as you never know the reasons why people are overweight. They might eat a perfectly healthy diet and just be unlucky or they may have a medical problem.

 2005/4/13 17:35

Joined: 2003/10/15
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 Re: eating right

I don't want to sound judgemental about this at all. for most it is a struggle that is very hard. I have dealt with eating issues/eating disorders/overeating issues for the last 10 yrs. or so. The people I know who struggle with their weight are many times very miserable, feeling like they can't get control of their eating.

I still have to fight my flesh in this area alot. It comes and goes. I am looking forward to complete deliverance one day soon :-)

In Him, Chanin


 2005/4/13 17:50Profile

 Re: Krispy's joint pain

Krispy wrote:

and noticed joint pain in my shoulders that I havent ever noticed before

Well I can tell you the best thing to remedy that brother is MSM. MSM is found naturally occuring in meats, but we don't eat enough meat to gets it's full benefits, especially as we get older. But it's sold in capsules or caplets. The very best is in capsule form. MSM is a long word which basically means sulfer. What it does is it goes right to work on the soft tissue thats between the joints. It's like giving the car a lube job. I buy mine at GNC, in fact I just bought some tonight. If you take this every day, you won't feel that anymore, those who have any kind of ARTHRITIS will benefit from the capsule product of MSM. Some MSM products have something else added to the product, they don't work as well as the stand alone.

My God, I sound like a salesman, time to stop.

I like your diet plan, and you are right, exercise is the key.



 2005/4/13 22:00

Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead


Some people eat too much others eat too little, I am just thankful to Jesus that i have food in my fridge most of the time. I am more on the skinny side and at university you are normally on a cheap budget and you eat anything hopefully which is within biblical rules it lucky we are not like the Koreans who have to live of nothing but God or like Brother Yun it is always smart to remember the persecuted church but yet be gracious with what you have even thou like me you can be a glutton or an anorexic.
It is very nice to hear that other people struggle with food, did you know it is a spiritual thing, when you eat food you become one with what you eat such as choclate bars and sweets and popcorn.
Thankyou for bringing up this thread

Dominic Shiells

 2005/4/13 22:07Profile

 Re: Great Nutrition pages


Thanks for your weblinks regarding nutrition. Gee whiz, you really gave me some thoughts to ponder. I am looking forward to reading some more, later.

But you know, I think I would prefer doing wieght training, you know with bar bells and such. I can't seem to get started on the treadmill or the bike. In the summer I bike all over creation, but I can't seem to do it in idle. But I should do the wieght lifting and then push ups, I remember benefiting from that before.


 2005/4/13 22:19

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