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 Secrets to Spirtual Power Watchman Nee

From Watchman Nee Secrets to Spiritual Power

Back to the Cross

"The more humble one is at God's feet, the more useful he is in God's hands."

"With real death, there comes real resurrection. This is what satan hates the most, because he has no foothold on those who have died."

The messenger of the Cross

"This is the lesson from the journey in the wilderness: that we may know ourselves (Deut.8:2) God allows us to be defeated to bring us to the place where we realize that we are corrupt, undependable, and beyond repair."

"God has no other aim than to lead you to the end of yourself, so that you may know yourself."

"God's intent for us, after we are saved, is that step by step we come into a deeper knowledge of our corruption, as well as into a greater rejection of our own self righteousness. He wants to continue to work in us until we are completely delivered from self. This is the first work of the Holy Spirit in a believer--to lead him to know self."


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 Re: Secrets to Spirtual Power Watchman Nee

So true Flaglady. I love Watchman Nee's writings. I have often heard 'God wanted to see what you would do' in a certain situation. I finally realized that HE already knows what I will do always! He wants us to see what we will do to help us come to the end of our wretched 'self life' and live in the power of the Spirit. Romans 8 If we live after the flesh, we shall die but if we through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the flesh we shall live.



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