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 John 9:1-7 Poem - Derek Melton

The nights of darkness endless pitch

The sunrise never dawns

Whilst others scurry to and fro

Midnight goes on and on

I’ve never known what others take

Advantage without thought

Enjoyment of creation seen

While darkness fills my lot

Nudged against familiar wall

Where lonesome beggars dwell

A gentle breeze taunts my lack

Delicious fares I smell

While others with extended hand

Receive goods to meet their need

The darkness hides the fares supplied

Merciful offers I cannot see

As years pass by I pine away

Skin over boney frame

A miserable existence continues on

Whilst nobody knows my name

The darkness becomes darker yet

More sufferings abound

When family abandons all hope is loss

Simple comfort can ne’er be found

Listening I hear voices strange

Whispers and shuffles amidst the dust

Sins of the parents or the man

But is this blindness just?

Sweeter words I never heard

Questions spawn a warming tone

Nay – not the man ne’er the parents

For God’s glory to be shown

What is this touch – this warm embrace?

Mud upon my eyes?

Siloam pool – a bid to go

And wash – to my surprise

As such waters wet my face

Trembling binds my soul

While beams of light sting my eyes

Amazing grace makes me whole

The first man seen since my birth

Now looking into my eyes

The Son of God this must be

Now fully realized

Debates abound questions asked

This man a sinner be

Whether a sinner know I not

But I was blind and now I see

This Jesus glorious Son of God

Infinite worth displays

Bids my life and loyalty

And worship all my days.

But what of you beggar man

Tho’ seeing yet still blind?

His story fills your hearing ears

Your need you cannot find

How long groping in lewdness dark

Content with sordid gain?

While nail scarred hands extended yet

You keep on with the game

While judgment day approaches

No serious thought of frame

Trinkets of destruction loved

Whilst ne’er the thought of shame

But for now there is mercy

That shall not always be

The day soon approaches

When opportunity doth flee

So heed this loving warning

Find safety in Christ’s ark

Lest God shall close eternal doors

While you have missed the mark

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