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 The Cry for Utah!

In my capacity of hosting Persecution Watch I have read heart wrenching reports of those enslaved to dark religious systems. Of course the darkest being Islam. And we have prayed that the gospel go forth and set free those who are in the darkness of Islam and other religions.

Butt here in America there is a dark religion that controls a good part of the American Southwest. Most notably the state of Utah. This religion is known as Mormonism and its aberrant spin offs. Spin offs that gives rise to the evils of polygamy.

If one travels to Salt Lake City they will see an urban western city set against the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains range. They will see a bustling economy. They will see modern universities and teaching hospitals. They will see you a youth oriented outdoor culture. They will probably see contented wholesome Mormon families. They will probably see Mormon elders and Missionary sisters serving God with friendliness and smiles. But what I have described is nothing more than a facade.

What arises in the center of Salt Lake City is the Mormon temple. Some jokingly call it the Mecca of Mormonism. The Mormon temple could be likened to the Vatican of the Catholic Church.

Though access to the Mormon temple is restricted to the general public. One can tour the Immaculate temple grounds. And guided tours can be taken at the Mormon visitors center.

As you start to enter the exhibits always going downward you are met with a glorious painting of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then you see dioramas that depict beautiful scenes of the gospel story. if one stays on the first two levels of the exhibits then there is a clear presentation of the death and burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But this is the deception of Mormonism. As Mormonism seeks for acceptance by mainstream evangelicalism.

It is only when you proceed to the third level of the exhibits that you see the peculiarities of the Mormon religion.

The deception of Mormonism is that of a wholesome religion build on values of family and God. As a matter of fact many Mormon families are big fans Focus on the Family by James Dobson.

But there is the dark side of Mormonism which the LDS Church will not make known to the general public. it is this dark side that cry for the glorious power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to set Mormons free from this dark evil system.

On the Mormon temple grounds you will see numbers of young adults dressed modestly. Greeting you with smiles. Leading you to believe they are content in this religion. What you will not see are that some of these young adults will be driven to a nervous breakdown, put on psychotropic drugs, or driven to suicide. This because they cannot meet the standards of perfection that are required by the LDS Church to obtain eternal life. Standards that are reinforced by the Mormon family.

What you will not hear about is that some of these young people will have encounters with Satan which will result in demonic oppression or possession. These encounters will often drive young adults to suicide.

Though Mormons may appear content in this life. They have no real joy that can come from knowing their sons have been forgiven at the cross of Jesus Christ. That all a Mormon needs to do is accept by faith the payment of their sons as found in Him who bore their sons.

I could go on describing the evils of Mormonism. But clearly Utah is a state that cries for the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have already seen how the gospel can invade a closed society like the Amish. That same gospel can invade the state of Utah. Will you please pray for the gospel to penetrate Utah.

Lord willing, I hope the post Morgan this thread.

Blaine Scogin

 2014/5/6 11:45

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