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 amish doctumentry

just wanted to share this ,,was very edafieing i noticed deny kenaston was in the last part of the movie ,,,hope you injoy

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 Re: amish doctumentry

These brethren are actually both now involved in a network of house churches that are growing in that area:

It is a great blessing to see a spark of revival in that area and that they are a part of a larger movement of brethren assembling in small gatherings towards Jesus Christ.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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praise god

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i just went through the link that greg posted and noticed as i watched that one of the brothers on the doctumentry preached a message ,,good short message about baptisism of the holy spirit

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 Re: Gary

My brother thanks for posting this link. I watched Trouble in Amish Paradise. I also watched the video that followed it, Leaving Amiish Paradise. Both videos very well done. Both videos very moving.

What is seen here is what happens when the gospel of Jesus comes in contact with those in a closed community. The struggles that one has when they find freedom in Christ. But yet the encouragement that comes from having faith in Jesus.

Both of these videos that have been done by the BBC give a very balanced and sympathetic treatment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Amish are treated with respect.

Gary thank you fir posting. Always appreciate your heart for Jesus, dear brother. Please forgive me for any open disagreements we may have had in thus forum. Dear Brother stay close to Jesus. And I will gladly watch any more links you post.

Your brother in Jesus.


 2014/5/6 9:33


Saints I would definitely recommend watching the two videos Trouble in Amish Paradise and Leaving Amish paradise. Both of these videos very well done by the BBC. A sympathetic treatment is given to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But in these videos a very personal element is introduced.

The videos focus on two Amish families who come to faith in Jesus Christ. The video show the struggles the families have leaving their old culture and adjusting to the new freedom they have in Christ. Yet it also shows the encouragement that comes through faith in Christ. Again the videos are very well done. And I believe edify and informative to watch.

We see the transforming power of the gospel invading a closed to society. May watching these videos make us more aware of the redemptive move of God around the world.

Certainly these videos should be of interest to the SI family as Charity Ministries is featured in both. Though not mentioned by name, one will certainly recognize brother Denny Kensington.

As a matter of fact I believe the first video, Trouble in Amish Paradise, was filmed when Denny was giving the series entitled, An Oral History of the Anabaptists. I thought I recognized his reference to the German Bible in the second message I had listened to.

Again saints. Very edifying videos. I believe they speak more volumes then the endless discussions like the rapture threads. For these videos speak of the impact of faith in Jesus Christ and the lives of people.


 2014/5/6 9:49


Just listened to the message that Greg posted in this thread. Very powerful message given by this brother concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I presume that brother of Amish background. But a powerful preacher of the word.

Saints, I believe this confirms that indeed the next movement of God will be at the grassroots level. We will probably powerful preaching from the "uneducated and untrained" servants of God that have been walking and intimate faith with Jesus.


 2014/5/6 10:18

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