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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Things with Russia

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 Things with Russia

I was reading over some news headlines and noticed how things seem to be happening very fast over in the Ukraine and Russia. I am not trying to say that I know all out war is about to happen but I do think emotions are very high and its clear people are dying, maybe a good time to come together and pray!

God bless

 2014/5/2 11:53Profile

 Re: THings with Russia

Dear MJ,

it is VERY close,,,,as of 2 May 2014 1120 central time

as you know, 2 pro kiev Mi-8 helicopters were shot down near Slavyansk.....that city is in the northeast, with Russian majority Ukraine. Kiev's henchmen, are the neo Nazi Svoboda and "Right Sector", with US/NATO/EU all supporting them....don't believe the mainstream media, they are OMITTING the truth....our country is supporting neo Nazi's. I know its fashionable to paint Putin as "neo" cold war 2.0.....not so.

There's also trouble begun anew in Odessa, which is a disturbing trend...if it keeps at this pace, it might be a week, (or less) before you see Russian forces move in, and lock down the eastern part, the Russian majority Ukraine.

if you want OTHER media outlets try

or zerohedge dot com.

pray is all in all, amen.

but remember "shrewd as snakes innocent as doves".....discernment, if it smells like Babylon, it probably is.

God love you, neil

 2014/5/2 12:53

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Matthew 24:6-8 (NIV)

6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Things with Russia

Several months ago when Putin started admonishing "the west" for our gross immorality he caught my attention. He was rebuking us for getting off of our moral foundation. At that time, one of Russia's Christian leaders made the statement that their years of atheism had taught them something.

After that I started reading "Russia's side of the story" on ... since then I have enjoyed reading the news from their perspective as compared to the junk that our news medias feed us. It actually has much less (practically none) of the offensive near-nudity that our news medias force feed a person.

When the majority of any nation turns toward Biblical standards of living they are much more credible than a nation like ours that is blatantly rejecting Biblical standards of living.

I believe that the situation is exactly as Neil has presented it ... and not as our controlled media has presented it. Ever since Russia fussed at us for our blatant immorality, this corrupt USA has painted Russia as a bad guy. Knowing what I know about my own country, I can't believe that Russia is as much of a "bad guy" as the USA is painting it to be.

God will have his way in every whirlwind. Nations will rise and nations will fall (including the USA), but our hope is in the Lord!

Michael Strickland

 2014/5/2 14:15Profile


I have to agree. I wonder if this situation in the Ukraine is as clear cut as the American press makes it out to be. While not trying to portray Putin as a saint, the Ukrainian situation is in Russia`s front yard. Thus the Russians with a clear memory of World War II are very concerned about neo right wing activity out of Kiev. One can hardly blame them for gathering the troops on the Russian Ukrainian border.

Frankly this is a situation that is best left to the Russians and Ukrainians to solve. The United States really has no say so in a situation where the Ukraine and Russia are neighbor. Thus one cannot blame Putin for getting annoyed at the United States dictating policy in his front yard.

Think of it this way if we were having border skirmishes with Mexico, what we want Russia dictating policy to us. Or rather imposing economic sanctions on us because of a dispute we had with Mexico. If we view it from this perspective then we can see Russia`s side of the story.

I did look at the website Voice of Russia. It is interesting to see the news from their perspective.

Another thing while there is an attempt the paint Putin as a bad guy. Our President is no saint either. The foreign policy of this administration has led to the slaughter of countless believers in Christ. Just look at Syria.

Of course these are my thoughts.


 2014/5/2 15:15

 Re: Things with Russia

1400 CST

just in from RT:

"38 people die after radicals set Trade Unions House on fire in Ukraine's Odessa"


as I see it, within 24 hours to a week, you will see Russian forces entering the eastern half of Ukraine, because that was EXACTLY the red line Putin was referring to.

IN OTHER NEWS, and I can cite this for you, the US Obama administration in the last few days, showed its love for Israel by agreeing to ship those foul islamic jihadi's in Syria state of the art, anti-armor TOW missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder held missiles for fighting against Syria's Assad regime.

do you think the Israeli's are stupid enough to buy that one? as you SUDDENLY have hundreds, if not thousands of some pretty potent weaponry that can be used against two of the most crucial parts of the Israeli defense Forces, its armored forces, and its Apache/Cobra helicopter forces.

oh yes, and of course we have our Secty of State Kerry calling Israel an "apartheid" state the other day....well, he did walk it back and apologize the next day.

pray that the US turns tail from this whole mess and error, because if you see footage of US forces going toe to toe against Russian forces in a "conventional" battle, pack up your car, and drive to the "relatives" in the country, because it WONT stay "conventional".

 2014/5/2 15:21


It is interesting the note that Putin did address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Our President has quite silent on this matter. Could it be that the foreign policy of his administration is that which is enabling the slaughter of those who follow Jesus. Again look at Syria.

So is Vladimir Putin this evil man the West makes him out to be. One has to wonder who the real evil leader is here?

My thoughts.


 2014/5/2 15:23

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Los Angeles, CA

 Re: Things with Russia

So just because a nation or president of a nation supposedly sides with certain biblical principles more than others it makes it alright to disregard the sovereignty of a different nation by sending troops and annexing it??? Lest we forget history and what American pacifism brought to Europe and Asia by allowing evil dictators to reign free or how the Soviets would use the most underhanded tactics (hired thugs and riot starters and botched elections) to set up puppet governments that had only a mere facade of democracy (this is what produced the current regime in North Korea by the way). Once again I find myself having to ask you this question, where would you rather live: USA or Russia? I know the US has backslided in many ways from biblical principles but the fact of the matter is that we still are enjoying much of the blessings of our biblical roots. Russia on the other hand is still far more corrupt and unbiblical in many of the things they do no matter how much they may claim to uphold Christian principles. I am honestly shocked at the level of reasoning that I am seeing portrayed here which I find to be politically and conspiracy driven rather than logically or scripturally.


 2014/5/2 16:29Profile


Then brother if we are going to be scriptural. Let the Russians and Ukrainians sort this out. Our citizenship is in a heavenly kingdom.


 2014/5/2 18:31

Joined: 2009/2/11
Posts: 179
Los Angeles, CA


Hi bearmaster,

Then I would like to ask you and others a question: Nazi Germany and the holocaust, was it strictly a German issue to be solved by the German people or did we as Americans have a moral and biblical obligation to do something about it?


 2014/5/2 18:46Profile

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