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 Rose Warmer: Escaped from the Sword

I had never heard of her, not that I get around a lot, but she was a Jew from Hungary who was converted before she went to Auschwitz.

Escaped from the Sword: The Story of Rose Warmer
Based on Myrna Grant’s fascinating biography.

Here are the first & fourth paragraphs:

It was the 1930s and the atmosphere in Europe was becoming more tense by the day. Following in the footsteps of Germany and Poland, atrocities against Jews were becoming commonplace in Austria and Czechoslovakia; Jews were being forced to wear the yellow star and were thrown out of professional jobs to work as cleaners and garbage collectors in the streets. In Hungary, reports reached the family of Rose Warmer that Rose’s oldest brother had been deported to a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. They barely understood what a concentration camp was, but the rumors were terrible beyond belief. Rose’s aging father could no longer endure the increasing pressure and died suddenly of a heart attack. But surely they were far enough out of Hitler’s reach in their beloved Hungary?

Still mourning for her father, Rose began with desperation to turn the pages of her Jewish Bible, anxious to find some hope and comfort. Over and over again she devoured the book of Job, then the Psalms … but to her frustration, she could not make head or tail of it. She longed to meet someone who could talk to her about the meaning of the Bible. She learned that there were weekly meetings in a local church, where the Bible was explained clearly. Rose could hardly wait for the next meeting. The day finally came and she took her place in the front row. When the American missionary stood up to speak, Rose was instantly gripped: he was speaking about the Jewish Messiah! Wasn’t this meant to be a Christian meeting? But here the speaker was telling her about the Messiah of the Jews! He explained prophecy after prophecy from the Scriptures, each of them fulfilled in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Little time was wasted at the close of the meeting before Rose was intently questioning Mr. Miller, the speaker. She gladly accepted his offer to meet him and his wife regularly to discuss the Bible.

It is a very encouraging testimony!!!

God bless,


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 Re: Rose Warmer: Escaped from the Sword


It is a very encouraging testimony!!

That it is. Amazing what a body can endure when the LORD empowers it.

Thanks for sharing this testimony.

Sandra Miller

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