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 From the Foundation Up - Rom McGatlin

From the Foundation Up

By Ron McGatlin

Most thinking people in the world can see from their personal perspective in their small part of the massive worldwide picture that something is very much out of order in this world.

People with a spiritual kingdom of God mindset clearly see that not only all of mankind but all life on the planet and the planet itself are experiencing a rapidly deteriorating condition and are in need of a major restructuring to renew and sustain quality life on the planet for time to come.

The ultimate foundation for planet earth and all that is on it has been perfectly laid. Christ Jesus is the true foundation upon which all life in this world is to rest. Jesus came from heaven and became a man in a damaged world among imperfect people. He was birthed from a virgin without an earthly father. He was born of the seed of the Holy Spirit of God.

His perfect sinless life and death upon the cross finished the work of the spiritual foundation for the kingdom of God on earth. The foundation for the redeeming and restoring of the natural world is laid in Christ Jesus. His return in the Holy Spirit to indwell His people became the power to begin to build the kingdom of God structure upon the foundation that is laid.

The structure of the world and the people in which Jesus was first birthed into the earth was imperfect and unsuitable to become the building upon the foundation that was laid. The first century disciples began building the perfect structure of the kingdom of God upon the foundation of Christ Jesus by the work of the Spirit of Christ in them by the Holy Spirit.

Someone else had another plan.

Men wanted to make significant alterations to the building being built upon the foundation. Their plan did not fit the foundation as it was and another layer of foundational material was laid over the foundation of Christ Jesus. Man made a covering foundation of religion upon which to build their plan, their kingdom and not the kingdom of God. They called the structure of their religious kingdom “church” and could truthfully say it was on the foundation of Jesus. And indeed a bit of the original foundation seeped through the cover of religion so that what was built was a mixture of God’s words and principles with the false and empty godless ways of fallen man’s twisted thinking.

The religious church system turned away the reality of the supernatural love, power, and wisdom of Christ flowing only in the real presence of the living God within and among His people by the Holy Ghost of Christ living His life in His people building His kingdom. The kingdom reality in the Holy Spirit was rejected by the religious systems in favor of rituals, programs, and a powerless form of godliness without the reality of God imparting His pure holy love and the power and wisdom from heaven that comes with His love.


From and among the imperfect church system a SON is being birthed from the womb of a virgin generation and again without an earthly father. The HOLY SPIRIT has again penetrated (invaded) a people – a people who have died to their life from Adam and have been made alive as a pure virgin Bride now become the wife and mother giving birth to a Man Child. The past religious church system is not the father of the SON. God by His Holy Spirit is the Father.

As they did with Jesus in His first incarnation, people assume that the Son who is being birthed is really the child of a natural father and not the Son of God. They will attempt to crucify the Son again and sincerely believe they are trying to do God a service. Christ will not be crucified again. The Son of God in His temple of multitudes of sons will stand while the old structure and the false foundation are dissolved from the earth. There will not be one stone left upon another of that which man has built, and set up to be his god made with his own hands. The world will experience the fire of the cleansing judgment of Almighty God. Nothing will remain that is against the true plan of God for His kingdom built upon the fully uncovered foundation of Christ.

The new structure of the kingdom of God will bring forth the order of God upon earth and the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our God. The world and the planet could not become “on earth as it is in heaven” from within the structure of the passing church systems. Only in the original kingdom structure built upon the cleared foundation of Christ can there be the reality of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

For those with ears to hear this, this is the season of transformation that you and I were sent to this earth to be a part of bringing forth. Trivial matters of misunderstandings and persecutions are truly a small thing in the light of His glory coming forth in us.

Personally, I once thought that the phrase to take up your cross meant to keep on dying and repenting and perhaps some of that is involved. Others may have known this a long time ago but for me only recently has it been revealed that taking up the cross daily is a most glorious thing in which we daily receive the rejection and persecution of Christ in us from the religious people of the world and the anti-Christ spirit daily trying to stop the glorious kingdom of God coming forth in and through His people. Along with persecution comes the absolute all-consuming fire of God’s love so exploding within us that there is no fleshly or natural response possible from us. There is only a real and pure love and desire for all to come into the reality of His kingdom of love.

A New Structure

Everything is being rebuilt from the foundation up by the master builder Christ Jesus in the manifesting sons of God by the invasion and nurturing of the grace empowerment of God. Behold I make all things new. A new heaven and a new earth are being formed in and around us. Even as we write this, God is pouring out His love to those who are losing their lives to gain real life now in Christ and Christ in us. This seems at times that it is almost more that our natural bodies can stand.

There is no end to praise for His great Holy Ghost invasion gliding into our hearts and so filling us with intense love for God and for one another. There are not words sufficient to proclaim the glory of His love. The pain of suffering has become the glory of His love. Thank You, Jesus, Thank You, Father. Thank you, Holy Spirit, and thank you to all who have been and are a part of shaping one another into a posture ready to receive the kingdom of His love and glory, both those who have despised and misunderstood us and those who have given of the love from within their hearts. All have been a vital part of preparing a people to receive His kingdom and arise from on our faces in His presence to stand in the pure glory of the beauty of His holiness.

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit – Gal 5:25.

Live in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit,

Ron McGatlin


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