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 Prayer Cherished- The 10 PM Internet Holy Ghost Prayer Group

(let me just say this before I begin this post, if anybody has a better name for a prayer group...PLEASE, put it forward)

I'd like to move this from the "prayer neglected" thread, to a new one "Prayer Cherished".

I know that Stephen from Toronto and Claudette from Australia were praying nightly at 10 PST, however given the global nature of this cyber-community knit together in the Holy Ghost, maybe we should make it at 10 PM, whatever your time zone.

Robert Wurtz gave a precious confirmation to me, when he said that God spoke to him regarding a further investigation of the seven penitential psalms. (Psalms 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, and 143)

I feel the same.

I searched out Kings College library (, and I found one book entitled "Notes on the Seven Penitential Psalms", its a 1889 copyright.

Why do penitential psalms have to do with revival?

Everything, I humbly submit.

[b]Penitent-feeling or expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing and disposed to antonement and amendment, repentant, contrite[/b]

At the genesis of the Hebridean revival of 1949-53, a group of men were praying in a barn as David Smithers relates:

In the same district a group of men praying in a barn experienced a foretaste of coming blessing. One night as they waited upon God a young deacon rose and read part of the twenty-fourth Psalm: "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His holy place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the Lord." Turning to the others he said: "Brethren, it seems to me just so much humbug to be waiting and praying as we are, if we ourselves are not rightly related to God." Then lifting his hands toward heaven he cried: "Oh God, are my hands clean? Is my heart pure?" He got no further, but fell prostrate to the floor. An awareness of God filled the barn and a stream of supernatural power was let lose in their lives. They had moved into a new sphere of God realization, believing implicitly in the promise of revival.


Are my hands clean O Lord, is my heart pure?

tonight, please, if and when you decide to join us in prayer, lets ask if our hands are clean, and our hearts are pure.

"Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit in me"

Ps 51:10

Ten PM, tonight.

How can we continue to live without revival?

Without God saturating every part of our bodies, our hearts, our families and our towns?

How can we continue to live like this?

 2005/4/12 15:18

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

 Re: Prayer Cherished- The 10 PM Internet Holy Ghost Prayer Group


Neilgin1 wrote:
(let me just say this before I begin this post, if anybody has a better name for a prayer group...PLEASE, put it forward)

How about 'Prayer-athon'? :-D

Zeke Oosthuis

 2005/4/12 15:40Profile

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 Re: Quote:

[/size][size=xx-small]Neilgin1 wrote:[/size]

May I suggest "Wingmen For Christ"?

To be in the spirit is like an eagle above the sky, Wings that glide where the wind blows.
To be in spirit is to be led by the Holy Spirit where ever it goes, to be able to reach up the heaven on the Throne of God, only the Holy Spirit can take us there.

What you recon Neilgin1?


 2005/4/12 19:34Profile

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 Re: Prayer Cherished- The 10 PM Internet Holy Ghost Prayer Group

How can we continue to live without revival?

We can't live without revival it must start in our own lives, I personaly found that out myself.
I have been born int he spirit for quite some times now,...grew in Christ, but it's not enough until the day I have this challenge in my heart while I am in the Home cell group, The Holy Spirit show me how hypocrite I am, speaking about God sharing what I learn about Him, and still not enough... In the last few months now so many things have change in me being real to my self is one thing, and such hunger and desire to be with God it's beyond me to describe it.

The question is are we really living for Christ gain? or are we living for our own selfish gain?

 2005/4/12 19:51Profile

 Tonight 4-12

I'm going to chew on the 6th Psalm tonight, and pray for the tiny church in North Korea. I see a tiny band of believers huddled in a house waaaay north, near the Yalu in the mountains, and they're about ready to give up. Them is who I want to pray for tonight.

can you see them?

 2005/4/12 21:28


Thanks Neil. I'm encouraged to see that the prayer group is still meeting...I would encourage those who can to meet at 10 PST as there is something very special about praying together.

God Bless.


 2005/5/19 2:56

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Austin Tx.


I can say AMEN to all you are sensing in your heart, before the LORD. I have walked with God now some 25 yrs. and have been so convicted, that we need a great out pouring of the Holy Spirit!! Without Him I can't go on living in such a impoverished state. The LORD is convicted me of my unclean state and the absoulte need of being separated unto HIM and learn how to pray with mourning over my soul and then learn how to cry out to God for those He lays on my heart. This day we are in a poor and needy condition before the LORD. I pray for a great out-pouring for the Spirit of God to Baptize His people with Holy fire!! Boldness is so lacking with conviction in the pulpit today, to call God's people to purity and repent of there sin.... I'm confident in our LORD-His Grace and Mercy is ever extented to all, to His Praise!.


 2005/5/19 8:14Profile


Bless God for that witness!! WOW!!

lemme tell you why I say WOW, I gotta a PM from a brother here, an elder here, and the Lord led him to encourage the prayer ministry here. So I was going to write a new thread, asking


and then I find the two new posts...

Praise God!! and Thank You......

can we meet tonight in prayer? Stephen and Joshua, and please please please in Jesus' Name I implore anyone else.....join us......please.

10 PST, and I wanna pray for you Joshua, AND me too.

I wanna pray that God makes our lives MORE clean and MORE profitable for the Kingdom of Heaven.

shud that be the onus and burden of our prayers tonight........"who will ascend the mountain of the Lord?"

He that hath clean hands and a pure heart?

shall we ask for that tonight?

In Jesus' Name?

 2005/5/20 22:01

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