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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Chinese believers getting 1st Bibles

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 Chinese believers getting 1st Bibles

I thought this was awesome. Let's not take our Bibles for granted.


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 Re: Chinese believers getting 1st Bibles

This ministry is one of the better ministries that distribute bibles into the true rural underground Church in China:

"Each Bible costs just US $1.80 to print and deliver." PRAISE GOD.


Current Total: 7,503,182 Chinese Bibles printed and distributed to the house churches of China.

There is a growing emergency among the house churches in China! Although a limited number of Bibles are now permitted to be printed inside China, they are not enough to meet the need. Because of the tremendous growth rate of the church in China (some say 20-30,000 new believers each day, or approximately 7-10 million per year), there is a serious lack of Bibles for China.

Millions of Christians are still without God’s Word. We are partnering with house church networks in China in a long-term goal to print Bibles for the church. These Bibles are distributed to all parts of China, equipping the believers and helping add fuel to the fires of revival that are burning throughout the world’s largest nation

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Very moving video. Was touched how these precious saints would kiss the Bibjes and hold them gently.

God grant we nit be do familiar with His previous word.


 2014/4/25 18:12

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 Re: Chinese believers getting 1st Bibles

Precious video! Very moving. Thanks so much for posting. May God help us to get His word to the multitudes who are starving for it.

Michael Strickland

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