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Brothers and Sisters, if you get a chance to review any of this I would sincerely like to hear what the Spirit of God is telling you and please, I like to hear the Word of God so use it liberally to back up your thoughts.

In 1 Tim. 6:20-21 The Apostle Paul is saying avoid the Dialectic Process whereby many have lost their faith.

Diaprax is the term coined by Dean Gotcher to describe the system of intellectual witchcraft that uses dialogue and language to persuade the world to depart from the fixed truth of Scripture.

How God taught me all this Globalism/Transformational Marxism: I was getting chewed up and spit out in the (so called) Christian internet forums (they wanted me to say God's Word in my own words and thoughts - no more to say what "Thus Saith The Lord"). One person posted me saying, "We know what the Bible says but we want to hear your own words." And when I read this from that person the Holy Spirit told me 'you know you can not do that because you are being conformed into The Word of God.' The Holy Spirit broke that yoke that was trying to get on me. I (but I know it was God in me causing me to cry out to Him) soon began crying out to God asking, "What is this language they are speaking, for they are trying to KILL ME with it MY LORD!" And about 6 months later, while I was waiting up The Lord, He answered me in my hearing - I heard every word He said, "It is Doctrines of Demons." And then about 3 months later, after meditating on what God had told me, I asked Him (which was also by His Grace causing me to ask Him), "But what does man call it?" And about 3 months after that is when God answered me by leading me to hear a Christian watchman named Dean Gotcher on a Christian radio station (Point of View - in Dallas Texas). Dean had 5 more minutes to speak on the Radio and he began exposing the language structure of words which were being spoken in the internet forums I had my answer from God through Dean. Although Dean was only exposing and teaching/warning how our Gov't. town representatives and congress leaders etc. in our nation (America) where are working that same language structure making policy. And God showed Dean that this same language structure is Transformational Marxism - it's all about what 'man's opinions' rather than desiring others to speak God's Word. So I did some research after that and God allowed me to know the truth of this matter. This Language Structure (The Dialectic Process which is Transformational Marxism) is GLOBAL. In short this process, as man calls it, is Globalism, Transhumanism, Humanism, Socialism, Communism, Transformational Marxism etc. And (again) what God calls all this stuff of what's happening in our days and especially in the churches through the Alpha Course and also in Purpose Driven (etc.) is 'doctrines of demons'.


The Hegelian Dialectic Process is social-psychology where, just like the United Nations, you get all the diverse groups and you have them dialogue to consensus put aside your 'can not's' (Thou shalt not - like the 10 Commandments, and our Constitution and the Bill of rights - putting God's Absolutes aside), and you produce one dialectic cosmic globalist culture. Just like at the tower of Babel, God Himself could not speak to that culture - God can pour out His Wrath and that culture will simply shake their fist at Him - they do not recognize the need to repent (nor will they), they no longer recognize 'law' (God's Law - The Bible). Some call this a culture-war, but it's a Spiritual War. This is a war that has focused us away from accountability 'to God' which is the sin issue (because God's Word teaches people what Sin is etc.) to accountability 'to man' which is the group-think, no longer looking to God for His Standards and Judgments. This process is out to destroy the patriarch head (God and His Word), which God handed down to 'the men' who spoke the 'can not, must not, shalt not' language (the language which restrains 'the flesh' from doing it's natural inclinations: having other gods, idols, murder, fornication, covetousness etc.) so this process is out to destroy 'the men'. You see it on commercial's everywhere where the men are being put down etc. and it's being incorporated in the churches under Purpose Driven and The Alpha Course - it's in line with the documents of the United Nations - (One World Order). God showed me this 12 months ago through so called Christian Forums - what a beat up time that was - they wanted me to say God's Word but in my own words rather than clearly speaking plainly "God's Word" that is heresy because my own words are not God's Word my own words needed to be put to death on the Cross with Christ to then speak God's Word and not my own anymore.

The Dialectic is a system being utilized to attack believers faith.

In the Re-Mix in the Recording link (below) - the lady is the Facilitator (a high priest of the New Age) and the man is Dean Gotcher exposing what this lady is doing - I had to do a lot of cut and paste to bring their mp3's together to expose the deceptions of what's happening not only in the churches but also in schools, work places, and in town meetings who are setting policy for our communities:

Article on Diaprax (what are the implications for Christian forums?)

 2014/4/19 17:58

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Great thoughts Just-in, alot to meditate on.

Just-in you have to get this book : "Historical Criticism of the Bible: Methodology or Ideology: Reflections of a Bultmannian Turned Evangelical" by Eta Linnemann : A former liberal scholar and student of Rudolph Bultmann and Ernst Fuchs tells how modern biblical scholarship has drifted far from the truth, and why its assumptions are nonetheless so influential and thereby dangerous.

I have over 100 books on the topic of Biblical inspiration, this is the best that I have found because she exposes the very heart of the problem including the Anti Chistian roots of the University,Scholasticism,humanism,the enlightenment,German Idealism Etc.

To have a Biblical perspective of the bible is a very unpopular position

A point that many need to relieze, and that I am just begaining to relieze is that the Early Church Fathers are not the Lens by which the Bible is to be read. The Bible never tells us to read it through the lens of tradition , Nay it specifically tells us not to.

 2014/4/19 18:35Profile


There is of course one central and important reality which you need to be aware of in reading these ideas which Dean Gotcher promotes. And let me say this so that for once I am not misdirected and misunderstood. By 'you' I do not mean you Just-In. I mean whosoever.

Gotcher's whole philosophy is predicated on an intellectual paradigm which says that there is a thesis, an antithesis and then a synthesis.

For this philosophy to work you have to have a thesis. Then you have to discuss (Diaprax or filter) the main tenants of this thesis add in a few lies (antithesis) and then from this antithesis you end up with the synthesis.

So what therefore is Mr Gotcher's thesis from which he comes to his grand philosophical understanding of the end of the age?

Well given that Mr Gotcher is not an alien from some distant rubber planet his thesis comes from this world. By implication therefore one would have to ask what thesis is this which he had so magnanimously laid his hands on in order to begin his own dialectic process of coming to the truth of things?

Oddly enough they are primarily these.

1. Adam participated in disobedience by reason of his affection or involvement with Eve who had already removed from the (thesis) of being commanded not to eat of the tree of knowledge, by reason of eating, where she did enter into a process (Disprax) with Satan wherein Adam agreed to disobey, and a synthesis is finally accepted as the norm. Deception and the Start of the One World Government of Satan is begun.

2. The Us Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the Thesis (The rest is too boring to write).

3. The King James Bible is the only true word of God is the thesis. (The rest is too boring to write).

4. Societies have moved from a Patriarchal model (the thesis) of family life to a Matriarchal model of family life (the antithesis) which has produced a synthesis which he calls Heresy-archical (the synthesis).

5. The Roman Catholic Church is the responsible filter in religious terms and the United Nations is the responsible filter in political/humanist terms.

There a few other lesser threads to his underlying thesis on humanity in the Western World but these are essentially the five major threads which inform it.

So folks just remember this when you follow Just-In's leads you will be going straight into an American Constitutional confidence where true religion is founded on Protestant thinking, where individualism is paramount, where the true family is Patriarchal and where the only true word of God is the King James Bible.

Or as they say in Yorkshire. Lovely that!

 2014/4/19 19:01



Thank you very much for taking the time to read what I posted. After posting, I realized you would look into Dean Gotcher and I should have. With that said, I am more interested in your (anyone's) observation of the Hegelian process in modern day Christianity (I already see it quite clearly in society). Part of society is Christianity and I do see patterns of it.

Back to Dean for a bit, I did not know he supported Vision Forum, but I have already gone on record many times regarding their teachings, especially Patriarchy. And I have gone on record regarding Bill Gothard's patriarchy teachings, though I am forbidden to review the teachings, openly. Since I don't want to get banned, that is all I will say to prove to you that I am not a supporter of Dean Gotcher. Truth is, I just heard of him.

That goes for whatever he says about the Constitution, too. I don't ascribe to Latter Day Saints, or Dominion Now Theology movements or Manifest Sons of God or any end time dominion theology movements.

Yes, I do prefer the KJV version, but it is more of a personal choice and not a crusade. We won't make this a KJV thread, though.

My real interest is in the synthesis, or the dumbing down of Christianity, if you will. And yes, it does include the dumbing down of the Word of God (but we won't go there). A very good book that I am reading right now is, "A Bible Believer Looks at World History By Frederick Widdowson" and some of the quotes in this post are from it. Christian History is good, but I believe one must understand the World History surrounding it in any given age to get a better picture.

Of course, the author of the concept Hegelianism is Satan, and Professor Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel just illustrated the concept and gave it a name. It would be interesting to find out the authors that were influenced by Hegl. My interest is both spiritual and academic regarding the authors he influenced and the Christian concepts that resulted. Authors that may have written commentaries, expositions, lexicons, interlinears, Bible dictionaries, etc, etc. The Greek and Hebrew Lexicons and dictionaries are written by men, "most of whom are unbelievers," writes Princeton and Yale scholar Edward Hills. One would have to be blind to not see an assault on Christianity on many, many fronts since Jesus time, but especially the last 250-300 years, IMO.

Hegel of course influence many but so did Gerhard Kittle, "Karl Barth compared Hegel to a "Protestant Aquinas".Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote, "All the great philosophical ideas of the past century—the philosophies of Marx and Nietzsche, phenomenology, German existentialism, and psychoanalysis—had their beginnings in Hegel...". Wikipedia

Other people besides Hegl and Kittle would influence others, too. "In early 19th century Anglicanism, a son of a Unitarian minister, named Frederick Maurice of F.D. Maurice, championed the cause of what was called Christian Socialism in response to the harsh working class conditions of England. His many heresies would shape many of the personalities which began to alter the shape of Christian thinking.

In the late 1700's and early 1800's there developed a school of thinking at the German universities that was a direct result of the Roman Catholic Counter-Reformation line of Biblical criticism in an effort to unseat the Bible as the Christian's authority. This has been highly successful. Led by men like Friedrich Schleiermacher, Ludwig Feuerback, David Strauss, Johannes Semler and others and heavily influenced by the secular philosophies of John Locke, David Hume, Immanuel Kant and GEORG HEGEL, the German school of what came to be called "HIGHER CRITICISM" denied the inspiration of the Bible and even the authenticity of its writing.

A drug addicted poet and philosopher, one of the founders of the Romantic movement in English poetry, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, brought ideas to England which cast aspersions on the authenticity of the Bible. No greater damage has been done to Christianity by forces outside of it than by these men working from within. Scholars and Anglican churchmen like Benjamin Jowett, would travel Germany to study the criticism of the Bible, falling under the spell of men like F.C. Bauer, leader of the Turbingen School of Theology. Turbingen would become important later as the home university of Gerhard Kittle, a man who was tried as a war criminal after World War II for being Hitler's main Christian apologist. He and his father, Rudolf, are also highly respected Bible scholars whose works grace many a fundamental Pastor's bookshelves." From "A Bible Believer Looks at World History"

Of course, any student of history, especially Christian History, cannot overlook the Oxford Movement based at Oxford University. High Anglicans believed in the need for full communion with Rome and the English Church (a goal of the Counter-Reformation). Although many of the orthodox Protestant ministers resisted it succeeded in making itself important and John Henry Newman (one of Rome's greatest conquests) converted to Roman Catholicism and I believe he brought many Anglican spiritual leaders with him.

Anglo-Catholicism is a very powerful force even and especially, today. The detrimental effect this union had on Protestant and Fundamentalists churches is unquestioned.

In the midst of all of these we have very prominent men who were used greatly to change Christendom. But God is faithful and has had a remnant of people that "will not follow another". They know their Master's voice.

Is Kittel's 10 volume Greek Lexicon, corrupt?

Kittel edited the ten volume standard reference work used in New Testament Greek word studies, the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.

He was Hitler's hired man as the chief architect of the so-called "racial science" and "Christian base" for Hitler's anti-semitism. Kittel's trial, conviction and imprisonment for his key part in the extermination of two thirds of Europe's Jewish population is mostly unknown today to those who are pridefully looking for "hidden" meanings in Kittel's Greek Lexicons. I believe there are good ones but mostly I am believing that the corrupt Bible versions are based on corrupted Greek and therefore many corrupt teachings today are based on the same.

Kittel recommended that all German Jews be dismissed from their jobs, stripped of their German citizenship and their property confiscated. He said, "[T]hough this would cause hardship it was a necessary price to pay for past excesses." Doesn't this sound like the Antichrist's plan for the 'unevolved' non-compliant Christians who refuse to take 'the Name' of the beast? The same plan comes from the same source—Satan.

Dr. Josef Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment, believed Hitler was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Goebbels and his SS began the first mass murder of German-Jewry on November 9 and 10, 1938. In 1939, Kittel closed one of his speeches with a tribute to Hitler calling him the, "saving force which stemmed the tide of Jewish infiltration. " "Knowledge of the killings was widespread within Germany itself," notes one observer. As early as 1942, the London Times reported the mass murder of Jews; Swedish diplomat Baron von Otter also publicly reported mass gassings. The B.B.C. reported the massacre by A.M. and short wave radio. "They all knew what was going on." Even with such clear awareness of what was going on, Kittel continued to write for the Fuehrer. In 1943, Goebbels asked Kittel to write for his Anti-Judische Aktion (Anti-Jewish Action), a publication laced with Goebbels' astrological predictions about a German victory in the war. Kittel admitted knowing "about Jewish murders" and wrote of his support for Adolf Hitler's actions. Kittel writes: "...full freedom to murder...just as you should smash the brains of even the best snake ...[This is] justification for the most anti-Jewish acts."


To anyone who is interested: Does any of this matter? If so, why? If not, why not?

Thanks again to Andrew for his research on Dean Gotcher. Andrew, I think you probably are quite knowledgeable regarding British History and British Christian History, regarding the Oxford Movement for one and I am sure many other topics in the past that have proved instrumental in shaping society and Christianity, today. I have found that studying history helps to explain why we are where we are, today and I hope you share some of your findings and understanding with us.

 2014/4/19 21:10

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To anyone who is interested: Does any of this matter? If so, why? If not, why not?

Though there is a particular importance to these things in relation to saints involved in small groups and current influences in main-stream denominations. But to those who have said "no" to all these things and all debates on lesser issues it is sort of a 'no-issue' because some saints have decided to get direction from the Head of the body and to be taught by the Spirit and not small group ciriculum's of men. The Christian book-room does not interest these Christians anymore because they have His Word. The new thing in Christian news does not concern this type of Christian because He is doing the real new thing of God which is preaching His Gospel in the life of the Spirit.

God is working and the faster some brethren separate from the confusion and leaven of these larger assemblies the better. Main-stream Christianity is becoming so confounded with error that one cannot exist in it without suffering some sort of harm.

The jargon and wording used can be simplified in my mind to "doctrines of demons" (1 Timothy 4:1) that will be rampant in the last days and "philosophies of men." (Colossians 2:8).

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Alot of Riplingers work is based on exposing men like Kittle and others in her 'Hazardous material'.

And the new age word changes are the bases for her 'New Age Bible versions'.

To be honest some of what she exposes is facts such as Kittle but much of it seems to be rumors and twisted hear says that seem to often be more conspiracy theory than anything, I will not hardly quote her direct for several reasons mainly I do not want to be labeled with the riplinger/ruckenmites, Some of there works literly leave me queezy after reading them, I think they have done much more harm than good for the inspiration position.

The new age word changes are also the bases for Warren Smiths Books that try to expose Rick Warren of such conspiracy , I do not know, I kind of think that these words are just becoming more common place in our society, which may well be a true conspiracy behind that reality.

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Agree with Greg in total, this topic "BEWARE OF THE DIALECTIC PROCESS (Diaprax)" was on every single forum I was ever a member of, and that already many years ago. Why warm up things like that, dialectic is a basic illuminati strategy of the new age we have to understand to not become part of the NWO, part of the great falling away that is so far advanced that it almost comes to its final conclusion now. To still be busy with these kind of topics in comment on that, except it's an exercise of the mind, and really a non-event in regards to true spiritual life.

Hey Just-in, you seem a little bit too busy for your own good, on every thread I read, would you still be able to be still, and rest once in a while? Don't let this be you, brother:

Isaiah 30:15  For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.

 2014/4/19 22:23Profile


By the way, I did not miss your book recommendation, proudpapa. Thank you very much. Looks interesting.

Though there is a particular importance to these things in relation to saints involved in small groups and current influences in main-stream denominations.

The "particular importance" you mentioned, is what I am interested in. Also, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and giftings and I understand that some things do not interest others, such as the "Christian book room", as you put it. And they may instead be in the "Christian Sermon room". But whether one is in either of these 'two rooms' should not reflect upon their spirituality and I certainly don't draw that analogy.

I have benefited greatly by saints who spend time in either or both of those rooms.

But to those who have said "no" to all these things and all debates on lesser issues it is sort of a 'no-issue' because some saints have decided to get direction from the Head of the body and to be taught by the Spirit and not small group curriculum's of men. The Christian book-room does not interest these Christians anymore because they have His Word. The new thing in Christian news does not concern this type of Christian because He is doing the real new thing of God which is preaching His Gospel in the life of the Spirit.

Who are these people that don't read other books? I am beside myself with curiosity. Even Richard Wurmbrand, who spent 14 years in jail for his faith was a very well read, brother and often quoted others. Speaking of the "Christian Book Room", I have been blessed by everyone of his books and his sermons. I spend time in many rooms, always looking to my Head.

 2014/4/19 22:42


Agree with Greg in total, this topic "BEWARE OF THE DIALECTIC PROCESS (Diaprax)" was on every single forum I was ever a member of, and that already many years ago. Why warm up things like that

Hi a-servant. That is enlightening. It is new to me, so I did not think I was warming anything up.

dialectic is a basic illuminati strategy of the new age we have to understand to not become part of the NWO, part of the great falling away that is so far advanced that it almost comes to its final conclusion now.

My point exactly. And I was interested in how any of you saw this strategy working in the churches.

To still be busy with these kind of topics in comment on that, except it's an exercise of the mind, and really a non-event in regards to true spiritual life.

Read response #1. Ok, so two people have told me what "true spiritual life" and by extension, activity is so far. Thank you for yours and Greg's genuine concern and guidance.

Hey Just-in, you seem a little bit too busy for your own good, on every thread I read, would you still be able to be still, and rest once in a while? Don't let this be you, brother:

Thank you for your concern. How do you know I am not on vacation, let alone resting in the Lord? What does "too busy for your own good" mean?

 2014/4/19 22:49


Having just read Greg's reply to your general question Just-In I can say that I agree with that. So I won't attempt to elaborate on it. What I can do is to point out that whilst history does hold some interest, for me at least it is not an interest in order to prove the times we live in. It is simply a history which when seen does demonstrate time and again that the ruler of this present age is always pressing his agenda on men, who regardless of their intellectual abilities are not equal to him.

In contrast a new believer who is soundly saved could easily recognise in an instant that which would never be arrived at by reading every book available to men. I hold that truth does not come by experience and that includes the experience of reading or listening. Some might say that reading the bible must surly produce truth. Yet the Lord admonished the Pharisees and the lawyers of His day that they searched the Scriptures diligently yet never came to a knowledge of the truth (eternal life). It was just a few days ago that I said right here on SI that occultists and Satanists read the scriptures and look through forums such as this one. I did the very same kind of thing when I was in the very grip of deception before I was saved.

The simple reality is that to truly know is to know Christ according to Christ.

Even reading the Scripture without the life of Christ to illuminate them, at best makes the Scripture a sacred book. The Scripture however cannot of itself give life. They can only point to the true source of life. I do not mean to devalue the Scripture in saying this because to me the Scriptures are the most precious possession I have apart from Christ Himself. Yet some of the most wicked men who ever lived were men who were well versed in the Scripture. Goebbels whom you have mentioned was just such a man. As was Stalin, Hitler, Marx, Engels and so on.

I actually believe that knowledge is largely vain and useless. The only advantage I have may be an ability to get to the centrality of things rather quickly. In that sense I give the impression that I am well read and rather intelligent. The reality is rather different. I am not well read and went to a school for children with learning difficulties. Even when I went to University in the 1980s as a mature student aged 28 years my professor said to me in the first week that men like me always struggled on his courses. By which he meant men who are fundamentally more confident in Christ than in knowledge always find themselves in conflict with knowledge. He was absolutely right in saying it. I did struggle and in the end I realised that it was all so contradictory to the reality of knowing Christ and being led of the Holy Spirit in life. I knew it in pretty well every lecture yet I persisted with it. Today that grounding in understanding Hegelian Philosophy and how it ties into Sociology and Psychology predates Dean Gotcher's own insight into these things.

Again Just-In I don't want to give a wrong impression which may be misleading. I am a fundamentalist to the core. I believe in the patriarchal family as a God given pattern for marriage and child rearing. I believe in the reality of what constitutes the sin of Adam as 'other than' a wilful desire on his part to be independent from God. I really do believe that Adam did what he did as a response to his own affection for his wife and that in this he was not deceived by a promise of godhood. I see independence resulting from it and not forming the ambition of it. I wasn't even criticising Dean Gotcher. I simply wanted to point out that he himself is not in a shoe box, unaffected by thinking which of itself can be shaped by the very same Hegelian Model of dialectic praxis which he draws attention to as forming socio-psychological and socio-political thinking in the US especially. I believe and know by direct revelation of God that the Roman Catholic Church is fundamentally Satanic and inherently given over to a deception which forms a central part of end time wickedness of great magnitude. I know without a doubt that Rome is overwhelmingly blasphemous and full of lies and deceit Yet for all that I have a merciful heart and see that in Rome there is a basic light even now which is sufficient to the man who truly desires to know God and Christ.

If you want to read something which is very specific to this subject then go to my own website and read the articles under the header "A day of Sorcerers" including the header tab itself. It will no doubt bore you to death, but at least you will get an idea of how these things can be written about in a variety of different ways attending to the nature and basis for deception and compromise in the church itself.

In the end Just-In I actually want the simplicity of things. I agree whole heartedly with Greg that the time has come to separate ourselves and focus on the head, even Christ Himself. This may mean is some ways a starting again as far as understanding where we go from here. I personally have my concerns if Christ does not show up in such a way that we are not dealt with fully. Unless we set aside so much of our knowledge and natural thinking and receive a true revelation of Christ Himself and a proper understanding of ministry and fellowship there will be many problems. That seems to be too purist and simplistic, so I can foresee many problems even in this. Yet where do we go from here on? We must put our trust in the Lord and accept whatever He permits for His own glory and kingdom.

 2014/4/19 22:49

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