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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Canada to legalize gay marriages in June

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 Canada to legalize gay marriages in June

The following is an article from regarding the change of marriage act that is set to go in effect in June 2005.

Ten Canadian Lebanese community groups speak out against any change in
the traditional definition of marriage.

*/Let us keep the definition of marriage as is!/*

The Supreme Court of Canada, in its ruling on December 09, 2004 to leave
the decision of whether to legalize same-sex marriage up to Parliament,
has stated that the federal government has the jurisdiction to legislate
the civil definition of marriage and that the government had the
constitutional authority to expand the definition of marriage to include
same-sex couples.

"If you stay silent, there will soon be a law to make sure that you
remain silent ... "

The instant response of the Liberal Government asserted that the matter
will be left to Parliament to decide on next month, and that it supports
the change in the marriage definition to include "same-sex marriage."

The below-listed Canadian Lebanese Community groups, advocates of human
rights, sanctity of the institution of marriage, faith in Almighty God
and the respect of human rights, strongly believe that any hasty
meddling in the traditional definition of marriage will progressively
lead to negative social and moral repercussions that will weaken the
stability of the Canadian family, which is the foundation and the
safeguard of the our society.

We call on all Members of Parliament to vote for keeping the definition
of marriage as is, and to give same-sex marriage a different title that
does not include the term "marriage."

Marriage, since Almighty God created man, has been a sacred union
between a man and a woman, and this is how it should remain. All
religions honour the value of marriage and any change in it will be a
flagrant insult to the followers of all religions.

Our groups will send this release to all Members of Parliament making
them aware of the solid and clear stance of the Canadian Lebanese
Community in honouring the traditional definition of marriage. Members
of our community will not vote for any candidate who votes for changing
this definition.

Our country Canada, which is known as the Dominion of Canada, was built
by men and women of great faith. It did not come into existence through
a war, but rather through a series of meetings and dinners with
speeches, presentations, food and music. During those meetings and
dinners which took place in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on
September 1, 1864, the draft terms of the /British North America Act/
were discussed. That week, one of the founding fathers of Canada, Sir
Samuel Leonard Tilley, then Premier of New Brunswick, was reading the
Bible. He came across the following verse in Psalm 72: "In His days may
righteousness flourish, and peace abound, till the moon be no more! May
He have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the
earth" /(Psalm/ /72: 7-8)/.

This verse struck him as a perfect description of what he and our other
founding fathers wanted this new country to be. They wanted Canada to be
under God's dominion from shining sea to shining sea. From that time,
the verse "May He have dominion from sea to sea" became an indelible
part of our Canadian heritage, and has served as a reference point for
our nation's identity. In fact, to this day, Canada's official motto
reads: "A Mari Usque Ad Mare," meaning "From sea to sea" as a testimony
to a sacred heritage that recognizes God's dominion. Will proclaiming or
believing in that dominion now be considered old fashioned?

We further believe that this pivotal social-ethical matter should only
be decided by the people of Canada through a clearly worded referendum,
not by the courts or Parliament.

We are at a critical point in our nation's history. We should not and
must not remain silent and leave others to decide on our behalf what
negates our beliefs, values and family unity.

To those who oppose the proposed change in the definition of marriage we
say: "If you stay silent, there will soon be a law to make sure that you
remain silent. Let your voices be heard loudly and clearly before
victory is gained by those who prefer to see you silenced forever."

Originally published in the News & Views Newsletter, April 4, 2005

I have no idea what will become of my country if this law goes into effect. As a voter and one of the majority who is against this type of lifestyle, what Parliment is doing is against democracy. Since when does the minority speak for the majority of Canada? or any democratic nation?

What I don't understand is if the Liberal government which is a minority government this time around wants to get votes, wouldn't it be wise to get it from the majority?


 2005/4/11 17:08

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Canada to legalize gay marriages in June

The following is an article from regarding the change of marriage act that is set to go in effect in June 2005.

Thanks for sharing this brother Karl, man thats awful how Canada is really starting to say that evil is good and good is evil. I am encouraged that God still is working in Canada but we need to definetly pray that the fear of God comes into the government and leaders of the country. This idea of praying for leadership always reminds me of Queen Mary in England when she said that the prayer of John Knox scared her more then any army threat.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/4/11 17:11Profile

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That's utterly awful.

The one ray of hope I have for our country is that the Supreme Court is LIKELY to leave this a state decision and not blanket us with a pro-homosexual decision when the case finally reaches them.

It's still terrible that some states will go Pro-Gay like Californa and Massachusettes(sp), but as long as there are havens of normalcy left in the country, that is where my wife will end up.

 2005/4/11 18:43Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


It's still terrible that some states will go Pro-Gay like Californa

I have been in California for a few months and have gone to San Diego. I really sense alot more of a homosexual infunce in Toronto in Canada where I come from. I have not been to Los Angelos yet though. When I was in New York city I could really sense that spirit of Homosexuality and Lust. We need to pray against this and pray for people caught in these things. I believe the spirit and sin of sexual lust is the root of all of this sexual perversion. [b]Stand[/b] strong Christian soldiers.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/4/11 23:20Profile

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Manila, Philippines

 Re: Canada to legalize gay marriages

I felt so sad about this idea of legalizing same sex marriage.... once and for all God is really offended about this kind of stuff that is why He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah... I myself, cannot believed and cannot take it everytime I heard and see news about this and right now we together with my cell group are praying hard for this that somehow in one way or another they may realized what are they up to with... I felt compassion for them and I know that there is a need for us Christian to reach these people and let them realized what they are doing...

Star Cabrera

 2005/4/12 1:39Profile


It wont be long and it'll happen here in the US. Fortunately right now most states are banning gay marriage... but I predict that before long the federal courts, in their infinite wisdom, will deem those state bans as "unconstitutional". Canada just happens to be further down the road of immorality and liberalism than we are... for now.


 2005/4/12 8:26

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