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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What Does the Bible Say About The Red Moon?

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Thanks MJ, with all I have been through, I look for some things I am lead to see or hear, not for any answers, but for a comfort/peace that he hasn't forgotten. This may sound strange to some, but unless you have been in my shoes, most will not understand, and that's ok, it's something between God and I.

Mr. Bill

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I think as Christians we should know God orchestrates everything. Some occurrences don't draw much attention, but I feel there all relevant to God, regardless of there significance to man. Maybe we should not dig to deep into the relevance, but just agree he is there by these signs, and will come to bring us home at the Fathers timing.

Mr. Bill

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 Re: What Does the Bible Say About The Red Moon?

As I read this scripture in Acts 2:20 I see two things that will happen that precede the great and magnificent day of the LORD:

1. Sun shall be turned to darkness.
2. The moon to blood.

In Rev. 6:12-14:

1. Great earthquake.
2. Sun became black as sackcloth
3. Full moon became as blood.
4. Stars of the sky fell to the earth.
5. The sky vanished.
6. Every mountain and island removed from its place.

Today the sun is shining brightly here in MS after a couple days of rain. The sky is still out there. Never heard of a great earthquake - yet. As I understand this would happen right in succession, not months apart: earthquake, darkness, moon looking bloody, meteorites streaming through the sky, the sky vanishing, and the noise of mountains and islands shifting....

Still, it does not mean the blood moons that we have seen has no significance...scriptures does teach there will be signs in the sky.

My take. Oh, yes, I do wonder what it would be like to hear the trumpet, see the sky rolled back like a scroll and see the king come in all his glory with a trumpet and all the angels with him. I can well imagine that all the things that troubled us will fade as nothing.


Sandra Miller

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ginnyrose...I do wonder what it would be like to hear the trumpet, see the sky rolled back like a scroll and see the king come in all his glory with a trumpet and all the angels with him. I can well imagine that all the things that troubled us will fade as nothing.


Mr. Bill

 2014/4/15 14:46Profile


Disciple indeed. In many parts of the world the Son is being darkened and the church as reflecting His light has been turned into blood. The blood of the martyrs is crying out.

Very profound insight you shared.


 2014/4/15 14:52

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I was on vacation and just now listened to 4_14_14_monday_trunews
and found that enlightning, because the last 2 blood moons happened
when Israel became a country again and then when Jerusalem became
capital city. This time around what will it be? The "peace conference"
in May to give up the 'mountains of Israel' that will lead to a war and
the second, larger Exodus?

Yes, things are coming together now, and in 10 years it will be all over,
next big event will be a big war, then a fake peace with the mark of
the beast ruling 42 months and then Jesus will come back, when we
not expect it, that's why he asked us already 'can ye not discern the
signs of the times?'

 2014/4/19 4:33Profile


On 3/20/2015 (the Jewish new year) which is in the middle of these 4 red moons, there will be a total Solar eclipse.

We can say what we want but the simplicity is what I believe throws some people. I think the Church has always thought that the signs Jesus spoke of were somehow different or had never happened before. The Sun and the Moon seem too ordinary for many that are so used to seeing them. But they are far from ordinary. I mean after all how many planets can you control the movement of?

God isn't going to use technology for signs and seasons. He is going to use what He said He would use the Sun and Moon. Genesis says they are for signs and seasons, Jesus said they would be the signs. But many will want some other indication.

In all my time as a Christian I never heard a preacher say that the moon turning to blood and the Sun refusing too shine indicated lunar and solar eclipses. But in these days it seems rather obvious, doesn't it?

BTW notice that the desciples never asked Jesus to explain what the moon turning to blood meant. This would seem to indicate that they knew exactly what he meant.

Marc mc

 2014/4/20 7:31

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 Re: Solar Eclipse

That's interesting news about the solar eclipse for 2015.

Since my childhood I always had an inkling that these events in the sky would be eclipses and "natural phenomenon", somewhat haunting to the majority, probably foolish talk to the critics, but most definitely a sure sign and assurance to those who believe -that it is time to look up and watch for our redeemer.

Thanks for sharing. May we all be found ready,



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Do you know where the solar eclipse in March 2015 will be visible from??

This is what is a tad confusing about some of these signs assuming they are eclipses-- they aren't visible from everywhere. If they aren't visible from Israel I wonder if it is a sign at all.

Quite frankly when I read in the Bible about the moon turning to blood and the sun going dark I think of a miraculous event not a mere natural occurrence. Eclipses are cyclic and can be predicted. We know when they happened in the long ago past and we know when they will happen in the future with great mathematical precision. So events that occur around these appear to be mere coincidence.

When the moon "turns to blood" I think God is going to make it blood red and it will be visible worldwide. When the sun goes dark God will simply stop its light. He does not need an eclipse to do that.


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